MSR-Traffic completes its display series

MSR-Traffic display series

MSR-Traffic's display series

MSR-Traffic offers versatile displays with LED technology for in- and outdoor areas in urban regions and has now completed its standard product range.

Whether level displays in parking lots, totems for each parking alley or sign posts for open spaces – most of the time, dynamic traffic signs do only come to somebody’s attention, when they are needed. If they do, they make the search for a free parking space much easier and therefor are indispensable in this sector. MSR-Traffic now offers a wide range of dynamic LED displays for every application and in every size.

Furthermore, the displays complete the product range for traffic management systems. All necessary components of traffic management systems can be purchased from one single provider: MSR-Traffic. They are compatible with the ultrasonic and magnetic field technology parking management systems. The figures, arrows and symbols can still be configured individually.

Due to a number of advantages, the displays are perfectly suited for a time saving search for parking spaces.

  • unique design
  • flat style
  • perfect legibility (almost 180°)
  • no external light reflection
  • energy-saving thanks to LED technology
  • automatic brightness control
  • modular construction style – LED sign is configurable

The LED displays are already installed in a lot of projects under various conditions and perceptibly enhance the layout and the comfort for the car drivers.

The standard products

ParkGard centi: two-line display with indication of the special parking spaces
Measurements: 450 x 450 x 32 mm
ParkGard Centi  ParkGard Centi  ParkGard Centi

ParkGard micro: one-line display, three figures, incl. red X
Measurements: 450 x 269 x 32 mm
ParkGard Micro  ParkGard Micro  ParkGard Micro

ParkGard pico: sign with different arrows
Measurements: 269 x 269 x 32 mm
ParkGard Pico  ParkGard Pico  ParkGard Pico

ParkGard Totem Maxi: illuminated stele with two figure information of free parking spaces and arrows, different colors on request
Measurements: 1690 x 402 x 264 mm

Totem Maxi  Totem Maxi

ParkGard Totem Mini: illuminated stele with two figure information of free parking spaces and arrows, different colors on request
Measurements: 1190 x 402 x 264 mm
Totem Mini  Totem Mini

Further information:

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MSR-Traffic offers sensor technology that enables the counting as well as the detection of vehicles on single parking spaces indoors and outdoors.

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