ADNOC Chooses Nedap’s SENSIT Sensors to Improve Operational Efficiency and Customer Experience

With SENSIT IR Flush Mount parking sensors installed, it is now possible for ADNOC to monitor the average time taken for vehicle refueling, car wash and car maintenance services.

ADNOC is one of the leading energy companies in the Middle East, operating over 400 petrol stations across the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In pursuit of operational excellence and enhancing the customer experience, ADNOC was looking for an innovative solution to gather accurate and timely data about the operations in different sectors of their petrol stations. Nedap’s SENSIT sensors are installed in multiple sections of the fueling stations across the UAE to gather this data. The project was implemented by Etisalat Digital in cooperation with Al Saher International Electronic System LLC.

Leading Energy Company in the Middle East

ADNOC Distribution was established in 1973 as the first UAE government-owned company. It’s been a key catalyst for Abu Dhabi’s economic growth and diversification and has facilities across the United Arab Emirates. It’s one of the region’s largest and most innovative petroleum companies.

ADNOC petrol stations offer a variety of facilities to customers, such as a supermarket, restaurants, car wash services, car maintenance services, gas cylinder distribution chains, and of course fueling for vehicles. Most of these services are offered on a 24/7 basis and attract a vast number of cars to the stations.

Need for Accurate and Timely Occupancy Information

ADNOC was looking for new technologies that could capture accurate and timely information in all sections of the petrol station to gain data insight into the duration of fueling, washing, and servicing activities of vehicles at the station. Parking bays had to be monitored in order to understand the duration of stay of vehicles at the fueling stations and also detect overstay above 15 minutes in the retail parking spaces. The data captured was essential to making the right decisions to enhance customer experience and further improve the quality of service, now and in the future.

Valuable Occupancy Data

With no system in place to track the operational efficiency, there was limited information about how long the vehicle is positioned at the refueling station or the time it takes to service or provide maintenance for a vehicle.

Thanks to Nedap’s SENSIT sensorsIR Flush Mount in-ground smart parking sensors – the real-time occupancy status and parking duration can be detected at individual fueling bays, car wash, and service bay locations. With SENSIT IR Flush Mount parking sensors installed, it is now possible for ADNOC to monitor the average time taken for vehicle refueling, car wash and car maintenance services.

Accurate and Robust Sensors

Along with tracking the average time taken for various services at the station, SENSIT parking sensors are also able to detect the high turnaround of vehicles refueling at the petrol station each day. A combination of dual detection technology is used to maximize the accuracy of the parking occupancy data. The dual detection technology ensures highly accurate detection. This solution is also very robust due to the large number of vehicles that drive over it.

Smart Technologies and Seamless Integration

The parking data information from SENSIT is integrated with Etisalat’s IoT cloud platform, to provide total monitoring of the activities of the petrol station. With this solution, real-time information about the occupancy and duration of individual petrol stations and shop parking spaces can be accurately tracked.

Etisalat Digital IoT platform allows seamless integration to connect and manage various sites, assets, and vehicles through IoT Command Centre and help improve processes, introduce new business models, and analyze trends.

The Partnership

Etisalat Digital have executed the project in cooperation with Nedap’s certified partner Al Saher International Electronic System LLC. Al Saher have successfully installed SENSIT sensors across UAE and also contributed in seamlessly integrating the SENSIT platform with the Etisalat IoT platform.

We are honored and excited to be part of this iconic project where Nedap’s SENSIT smart parking sensors will contribute to the enhancement of the customer experience in the Smart Fueling Stations of ADNOC.” - Ahmed Aljarouf, Product Specialist & Business Development Manager at Nedap.

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