Nedap wireless vehicle detection system SENSIT - accurate parking occupancy detection system

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SENSIT from Nedap enables clever parking technology. The system consists of a network of wireless vehicle detection sensors that report on occupation of each individual parking spot. This parking occupancy system provides reliable, real-time data for:

  • guidance, to limit traffic congestion
  • alerting, to prevent abuse of parking spaces
  • reporting, to optimize parking utilization

SENSIT is already at work in numerous applications worldwide, for: parking guidance, truck stop parking, overstay enforcement, pre-registered vehicle groups (permit holders, disabled, or VIP) and detection of security risks.

SENSIT's dual detection technology offers an impressive performance that is unmatched in the industry. Each sensor uses both an infrared eye and a magnetic sensor to detect vehicle presence, making output more reliable.

SENSIT from Nedap is a robust and wireless system that can be installed swift. Actual information from the sensors can be easily integrated into third party parking guidance, enforcement or management systems.


 SENSIT installed at truck stop parking and at retail parking

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