Nedap’s uPASS Reach Provides Convenient Vehicle Access to Employees at the Boulevard Riyadh City

Boulevard Riyadh City

Boulevard Riyadh city is a unique entertainment destination, the largest event location with nine areas. With the boulevard expanding threefold since its opening in 2016, the visitor footfall has increased, resulting in increased vehicles arriving at the parking facility. Nedap’s uPASS Reach, integrated with Scheidt & Bachmann parking management system, provides convenient vehicle access to employees at dedicated entry gates. The prestigious project was successfully executed by Idex Services.

Boulevard Riyadh City

The Boulevard Riyadh is a unique project, near the King Abdullah Financial Center as well as the historical Diriyah Gate. It contains nine areas each with its own set of events, restaurants, cafes, gardens, international game centers, cinemas, festivals, and stores, which makes it an integrated project that offers an exceptional visitor experience.

Convenience at Vehicle Entry Gates

900,000msq of entertainment area means a large amount of manpower is required to manage and secure the various events and facilities. The management wanted to make sure that seamless access is provided to employee vehicles at the entry gates during peak hours and eliminate any queuing time. To control vehicle access and monitor the flow, specific entry and exit gates were assigned to groups of employees. Depending on the employee type, each employee was only granted access through the permitted gates to enter and exit the parking facility.

Also, they wanted to increase convenience to the VIP customers by providing them with a dedicated lane and hands-free access on the go.

Visitors have to pay for parking at the facility. To avoid any bottlenecks, all entry gates had to be functional to be used by visitors during peak hours and including the ones which are assigned to employees after they are inside the facility. An integrated system was required, which could grant visitors access by collecting parking tickets and paying at the exit, and also hands-free access to employees and VIP vehicles.

Automatic Vehicle Access At Its Best

With the proven performance under harsh weather conditions, Nedap’s uPASS Reach UHF RFID reader in combination with UHF Windshield tags was chosen to increase convenience to employees at the entry and exit gates. Each employee and contractor vehicle is assigned a UHF tag and the reader identifies the vehicle from 5 meters distance, providing seamless access to the parking facility.

The built-in beeper in the uPASS Reach and high-intensity LED provide audible and visual feedback on the identification of a tag.

Automatic vehicle access at its best

Seamless Integration and Easy Installation

The uPASS Reach accessory consists of a slim housing that protects it during harsh weather conditions and makes it the perfect fit for vehicle access applications. The reader can be installed easily on an entry pedestal near a barrier. Its capability to support a variety of industry-standard communication interfaces enabled our partner Idex Services to seamlessly integrate the Nedap solution with Scheidt & Bachmann's parking management system through an existing and well-developed integration.

With this solution, all authorized vehicles are given hands-free access at the gate barrier, also securing the parking facility, increasing process and operational efficiency leading to reduced queuing at the gates.

“Securing and managing the parking area for the biggest event of Riyadh season was a big challenge, but combining our experience with Nedap’s long-range readers this job was done perfectly”, the Idex Services team.

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