NEXPA Brings Convenient and Seamless Parking Experience to Smart-Enabled HDB Homes in Punggol Northshore

Residents at Punggol Northshore have access to Parking@HDB across 1000 parking spaces.

Punggol Northshore Residences I and II have embarked upon the trial of a new generation parking system from NEXPA, adding to the impressive suite of smart technologies already in operation at this waterfront district. From January 2021 residents and their visitors of the 1,402 newly built flats will have access to Parking@HDB, a smart parking system that offers users a seamless experience across 1,000 spaces.

Parking@HDB includes various features inspired by Singapore’s Smart Nation vision to create a more liveable, efficient, and sustainable living environment. And, for residents and their visitors, the smart parking system is set to create a convenient experience. The first features to be trialed include seamless entry and exit, in-app notifications, payment of parking fees via a registered debit or credit card, and overhead parking guidance indicators to signal space availability.

Barrier-Free Entry and Exit to the Carpark

There are no barriers installed at Northshore Residences I and II, instead vehicle license plates are registered via cameras, and drivers can seamlessly enter and exit the car park.

More Payment Options

Short term parkers, such as visitors, can connect a payment card to the Parking@HDB app so that parking charges can be applied automatically. As a vehicle enters the car park, the smart parking system automatically activates the parking session through the app. Once the vehicle exits, parking charges are automatically deducted without the driver needing to manually activate the app.

Overhead Light Indicators

Thanks to color-coded LED overhead guidance indicators installed above every parking space, drivers are able to quickly locate an available space. Green signifies that spaces are available for short term parking, whilst amber spaces are reserved for season parking. Once a space is occupied, the indicator is switched off.

Overhead light indicators attached to parking facility roof display green LEDs

In-App Alerts for Drivers

Drivers who park short term will receive in-app notifications in real-time at the start and end of their parking sessions, as well as for their incurred charges. For drivers who park in an unauthorized space, smart cameras will detect their presence and trigger an automated alert to be delivered through the app, asking the driver to move their vehicle.

                         Phone screenshot displays the time (10.41) and a notification to say a parking session has ended.        Phone screenshot displays the time (10.41) and a notification to say a parking session has begun.

Flexible Allocation of Parking Spaces

Based on car park usage data collected by cameras, the system will automatically allocate parking spaces to meet demand on a real-time basis, helping to cater to season ticket holders and visitors more flexibly. For example, during the day when demand for short-term parking is high, the system will increase the spaces for short-term parking by adjusting the light indicators above season ticket spaces from amber to green. The number of available spaces for short-term parking will then be reduced in the evening to ensure sufficient space for season parking when residents return home.

Currently in use across 1,000 car parking spaces, further features will be introduced progressively and HBD will extend the trial to other car parks in the Northshore district as the construction of new residences is completed.


About NEXPA System

NEXPA System Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of video analytics technology, specializing in smart Nexpa Systemparking and traffic law enforcement solutions. Founded in February 2004 in Seoul, South Korea, in the early years, NEXPA was focused on developing new technologies. With over 50 patents, we entered the market to propose technology-driven solutions to our customers, and since then huge progress has followed. Now, we have the greatest number of references for large-sized projects such as airports and shopping centers while still adding global projects to our successful references.