An Old Building with New Parking Spaces

Downtown apartments renovated to a high standard are in demand. Especially if they come with ample parking. As part of the "Recoletos" project in Madrid, an additional 60 parking spaces were created beneath the atrium of the existing building.

Seven Levels of automated Parking

Recoletos18_building_.jpgThe renovation of the listed building dating from the 1940s saw the creation of 100 luxury apartments and office accommodation over two floors.
01_Parksafe582_entrance_level.jpgThe project is located on the "cultural axis" of the Spanish capital. The Prado, the Thyssen Museum, the Reina Sofía, and the CaixaForum are all found on the Paseo de Recoletos. Designed in the 18th century, the district offers considerable architectural and urban diversity, featuring public buildings, boulevards, and gardens. Its attractive old townhouses are now being renovated to create exclusive apartments.
02_Parksafe582_parking_level.jpgGiven the acute shortage of on-street parking spaces and multi-story car parks for residents, the availability of parking is crucial to the overall appeal of apartments. Consequently, solutions to enable parking spaces to be added without violating building conservation requirements are needed for old buildings, which often offer only insufficient underground parking, if any at all.
03_Parksafe582_frontview.jpgParkebenen_Parklift582.jpgThe ideal solution for the investor was the Wöhr-Parksafe 582 automatic parking system, which, in an area of just 175 m, would accommodate seven parking levels to provide an additional 60 parking spaces beneath the atrium. The parking system is entered and exited by means of a transfer station located on the side which is integrated into the traffic routing system within the existing modest parking garage.
shaft_Parklift582.jpgParking now couldn't be simpler for the building's residents. They drive their car onto a platform in a wide, brightly lit transit station and use their chip to confirm that the car is ready to be parked. Cars are parked by a central vertical conveyor that transports the parking platforms to one of the seven underground levels and positions them in the parking shelves in a secure and straightforward manner. The Parksafe 582 system can include up to three parking spaces either side of the vertical conveyor, which itself measures just over two parking spaces in length. A small shuttle integrated in the vertical conveyor facilitates access to two consecutive parking rows. This means that the system can be adapted in a variety of ways to suit each particular layout and achieve the maximum possible number of parking spaces.
To retrieve their car, users hold up their chip to the operator panel. It takes around three minutes to return the car to the transit station, facing in the right direction to exit the garage.
There are no steep ramps or narrow lanes to negotiate. Instead, the parking space comes to the driver. The user-friendliness of the automatic parking system combined with the security it offers cars are inaccessible to third parties as though parked in a safe meet the needs of a clientele seeking high end, convenient downtown living.