Yilan Implements Parkxper Camera Based LPR Detection Pole From May 1, 2024: Efficiency in Fee Collection Drastically Improved

The county government piloted a LPR detection pole project three years ago, using LPR pole.

Smart cities are a goal that governments in various counties and cities in Taiwan strive to achieve. This involves efforts in transportation, education, and administration. By phasing out outdated regulations and educating the public on new facilities, the aim is to make people's lives more convenient and improve city efficiency gradually.

Transportation as the Pioneer in Urban Progress: Facilitating Convenience and Diverse Big Data Analysis

Take Yilan Government as an example. In the area of transportation, the traditional method of roadside parking fee collection involved staff traversing the city, inputting vehicle numbers, printing paper parking fee slips, and placing them on vehicles for owners to pay. This method faced issues such as high human interference, high costs, high error rates, labor shortages, time consumption, and low efficiency.

Therefore, the county government piloted a LPR detection pole project three years ago, using LPR pole on Wenhua Road in several places for six months. The results exceeded expectations. Consequently, from May 2024, the government expanded the use of Parkxper's system and equipment, adding 230 smart parking lots. The efficiency of issuing parking tickets has more than doubled, and the accuracy of AI license plate recognition cameras is close to 100%. This significantly reduces the need for manpower and allows for the collection of crucial data on peak and off-peak traffic volumes, types of vehicles, etc.

image of LPR pole

The old payment methods are gradually fading away. Now, multiple payment options are available, including QR code scanning for smart payments.

Large-Scale Implementation of LPR Pole to Achieve High Efficiency and Manpower Reduction

Due to technological advancements and the high quality of MIT (Made in Taiwan) equipment, the durability and performance of LPR poles have significantly improved. Increased technical patents have also boosted government confidence and satisfaction.

image of parking technology displayed on a car

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