Vehicle Identification Accuracy With Sighthound ALPR+ Means Bigger Profits

With Sighthound’s ALPR+, businesses can have more confidence in vehicle identification when license plate numbers are not enough.

A global provider of automated car alignment solutions was using LPR (license plate recognition) to extract details of cars (make, model, year, etc) to ensure they properly aligned any given vehicle. The problem however with this process was that additions/modifications in license plate formats and designs resulted in a significant drop in LPR accuracy. This lower accuracy meant that more manual input from the service staff was needed than was desired. Thus, to deliver quality services, they needed a solution that would be able to identify vehicles without relying on the license plate.

Case in point, the state of Tennessee (USA) recently modified its license plate design; because the organization had two customers in Tennessee using their system, the existing LPR system was no longer collecting all the information their customers required. With the new license plate design, part of the company’s system that relied on LPR for car identification went down to a staggering 15% accuracy! 

License plates from Tennessee in 2021 and 2022

Fortunately for this automated car alignment provider, they had Sighthound ALPR+ to ensure their performance, their customers, and their profit didn’t suffer as they were able to recognize cars with greater than 90% accuracy without relying on their legacy LPR system.

What is ALPR+?

Sighthound ALPR+ stands out from other ALPR solutions. ALPR, aka Automated License Plate Recognition, is the process of capturing license plate information. Standard ALPR software will collect information on just a license plate. ALPR+ goes beyond the license plate itself by capturing the make, model, color, and generation (MMCG) of a vehicle. ALPR+ collects more data points per license plate, and that means an increased confidence rate in vehicle identification.

While ALPR+ provides organizations with robust, complete data, the real value comes from what businesses can do with that data. This data from ALPR+ sparks key insights, and those insights can lead to big changes and greater profits. Across various industries and with businesses of all sizes, users have experienced major improvements in the following:

  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Revenue Generation
  • Service Improvements

ALPR+ Empowers Businesses to Adapt to Change, Without Impacting Performance

With Sighthound ALPR+, the company now has automated mechanical adjustments for car service equipment based on license plate reading and collecting vehicle make, model, color, and generation. Now, they have confidence that when a legacy LPR system is not collecting the information they need, ALPR+ will deliver with over 90% accuracy

In the three years of using ALPR+, they have:

  • Expanded the solution from the EU to North America, including the U.S. and Canada
  • Maintained over 90% accuracy in vehicle identification
  • Have received exceptional reviews from their customers on how robust the system is at recognizing cars in different scenarios (lighting, angles, distance/size, image quality, car modifications, etc.)

Want To Learn More?

Sighthound ALPR+ users are constantly finding innovative ways to utilize insights from data–especially MMCG–and create more value in their business. Want to learn what ALPR+ could mean for your business? Schedule a demo to see how ALPR+ can make your organization more agile and improve your bottom line.

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