SKIDATA - Train Station Parking Garage Klagenfurt

The Central Station Klagenfurt is located right in the center of Klagenfurt and is an important transport hub in Carinthia due to its adjacent bus terminal. Both the southern line between Vienna and Rome and the train of the Tauern axis between Germany, Switzerland and Slovenia meet here. Busses also commute to Slovenia and northern Italy from here.

SKIDATA train station parking

Together with the bus terminal, the main train station provides a convenient Park & Ride opportunity for the roughly 15 000 commuters and travellers each day. In addition, the parking garage is readily used by customers of the shops that are close to the train station and that are partly also open on weekends.


SKIDATA’s web-based solution, SKIDATA Online, provides smooth management of the altogether 240 parking spaces and was launched in January 2013. The installed hardware includes each an entrance and exit, an automated pay station Easy.Cash, as well as four door openers. Since the train station’s parking garage is operated unstaffed 24/7, the door openers provide the necessary safety.


Web-based Parking Space Management

Besides hardware, the operator of the train station’s parking garage in Klagenfurt, the Alpenland Service GmbH, was looking for the most effective and smoothly running parking space management, which could be operated with little effort. SKIDATA met these requirements with its new web-based solution: SKIDATA Online.

By choosing a parking space management system based on SKIDATA Online, the operators of the train station’s parking garage in Klagenfurt make use of an SKIDATA Online and can enjoy the advantages connected to that. All applications and data such as business-relevant information about the parking garage, revenue statistics, the number of free parking spaces etc. are accessible from anywhere in real-time – a web-browser is enough.

Due to the outsourcing of the IT infrastructure, the operators can focus on their core business. Thanks to the automated installation of updates, the system in Klagenfurt is always up-to-date. And all this without staff or time expenditure. The software as well as the IT infrastructure are simply retrieved as a service from the Internet.



Cost-intensive server infrastructures are not necessary anymore – an Internet connection is enough. Downstream servicing and maintenance costs are omitted.

Always up-to-date:

The customer can focus thoroughly on his core business. Maintenance, updates etc. are all carried out by SKIDATA. Hence, the system is always state-of-the-art. Even new functions, which are continuously being developed by SKIDATA, are automatically available as part of the online solution.


Additional cash registers and entries as well as more system functions are not a problem. The system is expandable and offers interfaces to web-shops, further sales channels etc.

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