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Wave goodbye to spiraling disruption and maintenance costs with Triflex.

Parking facility maintenance can be disruptive, costly, and time-consuming, especially with flooring, where ignoring damage, investing in a poor solution, or attempting makeshift repairs can exacerbate the situation. But, with Triflex’s durable waterproofing, surfacing and protection systems, parking asset owners and operators can call time on endless repairs and spiraling costs.

Disruption is minimized by Triflex’s speedy application process. All of Triflex’s systems are fast-curing and can be applied at temperatures as low as 0°C meaning that delays are highly unlikely and parking facilities do not need to be closed for extended periods. Compared to similar solutions from competitors, Triflex’s system can be installed in a fraction of the time, creating minimal disruption to customers and revenue.

What Sets Triflex Apart?

By investing in a car park renovation with Triflex, parking asset owners and operators can protect their facility from damage and bring a halt to an endless maintenance schedule, ending disruption to both their customers and their revenues. Through the thorough investigation of the entire facility and evaluation of all the technical, commercial, and sustainable demands of an operator Triflex can complete any project from individual repairs to a complete refurbishment. On-hand from developing a tailored solution to supervising the application and observing ongoing maintenance, Triflex help operators to avoid constant repairs and disruption.

Whether it is a new construction or refurbishment project, Triflex deliver a “No Headache Anymore” solution for the owner or operator.

How Can Triflex Help?

With almost 50 years of experience in cold liquid applied waterproofing, surfacing, and protection systems, Triflex have distinguished themselves from their competitors to become a leading European specialist in the field. Triflex have been able to do so through the personalized service they offer each parking asset owner/operator. Tailored specifically to their needs, this service includes:

  • Site surveys and inspection – Triflex will be involved from the very beginning of a project to identify all problem areas and conditions on-site in order to develop a solution specific to the requirements of the given facility.
  • Access to an international network of trained and certified contractors - Triflex is on hand to evaluate the skills and knowledge of the certified contractor and even available to train contractors that an owner/operator already has ongoing agreements with.
  • Constant quality controls throughout the project and a final inspection.
  • A mutually agreed maintenance plan for ongoing support from Triflex.

Having been researched, developed, and tested far beyond international standards, Triflex’s cutting-edge systems permanently seal parking decks and underground car parksrooftops, and balconies, as well as pedestrian stairways and vehicle ramps. Triflex’s systems have been developed to meet a full range of requirements, making them suitable for a range of applications. They are:

  • UV, heat, and weather-resistant – which is essential for exposed top decks
  • Resistant to chemicals sure as de-icing salt, fuel, and oil that can accumulate in facilities
  • Non-slip, with a coating that remains so for years after installation
  • Designed for improved orientation through color differentiation of bays, walkways and driving lanes, as well as special-use spaces such as disabled parking, parent and toddler, and EV charging
  • Able to withstand high mechanical loads even at joints where cracks typically occur

And, Triflex’s systems have been through extensive environmental and durability testing and are compatible with over 6,000 substrates.

By choosing Triflex, parking owners and operators can refurbish their facility with minimal disruption and call time on the never-ending cycle of maintenance. To begin your renovation project today, get in touch with Rudi Gleich.

About Triflex

Triflex is the leading European specialist in liquid waterproofing products and cold plastics. Our Triflexhigh-quality systems provide reliable and lasting solutions for waterproofing roofs, balconies, and parking decks. In addition, we prove our technology leadership time and again with a whole range of special solutions. Triflex markings set the standard on roads and cycle paths, in factories and multi-story car parks. 
We deliver individual solutions worldwide from our production facilities in Minden, Germany. We can boast more than 40 years of experience in the market. Reliability, focus on service and innovation are the values we work by every day in our customers’ interest.