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a Safety Solution that Changes Illegal Parking Behavior


MPS webinar

Wednesday, 28 February, 5pm CET (10am CST / 11am EST)
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Meet the MPS SafetyStick®, the only technology on the market that reduces parking in dangerous no parking zones by up to 95%. Developed by MUNICIPAL PARKING SERVICES (MPS) a technology company committed to transforming urban landscapes through cutting-edge, Internet-connected parking solutions and cloud-enabled, SAAS-based parking compliance services.

In this webinar Rob Matthews will talk about our premier technology, the SafetyStick®, and our parking management platform which supports and aligns with the goals of Vision Zero, a global initiative dedicated to eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries. By fostering a culture of compliance and safety among parkers, the SafetyStick® is more than a tool; it's a behavioral change agent in urban traffic dynamics.


Robert Matthews, MBA is the Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Municipal Parking Services and a parking and municipal consulting professional.  Rob is also an active member of the International Parking and Mobility, Institute (IPMI) Smart Cities Connect, the New England Parking Council (NEPC) and the Massachusetts Technolgy Leadership Council.

If you'd like to already connect with the panelist, please feel free to reach out to Robert Matthews via email or LinkedIn.


Rob Sliker – Wilkes-Barre Parking Enforcement Department Lead

Rob Sliker from The Parking Enforcement Department of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania will also be on to talk about his city’s parking issues and how SafetyStick has made an impact.


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Founded in 2013, Municipal Parking Services Inc. (MPS) is an innovative technology company providing smart, internet-connected parking solutions and cloud-enabled parking compliance services to cities, municipalities, and university systems across North America.

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