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One Fence, Different Connections, All Solutions - INTEGRA-pw safety barrier, a modular system that combines car impact protection and fall protection for people

projekt w has historically supplied car safety barriers for more than 400 concrete car parks. With this challenge, we have always been close to the project and close cooperation with our clients, creating, recommending, and preparing solutions to find the optimal connections for each project.

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"What Role Can the Parking Industry Play in Meeting Government Targets for EV Ownership?" Part 2

"What Role Can the Parking Industry Play in Meeting Government Targets for EV Ownership?" Part 2


CAPP Program

CAPP irespected worldwide athe leading credential in parking. CAPPrepresent the best of the industry, leading with innovation, professionalism, and expertise; providing service; and demonstrating competence athey advance the parking profession. CAPP designation imeant to assure stakeholder(employers, regulators, consumers, and the public) that the credential ...

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Parking Studies

Parking Studies provides guidelines for the appropriate use of parking studies. It is intended to help decision makers gain a clear understanding of when a parking study is appropriate and what questions can be answered by the study.

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