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We are one of Europe’s leading parking infrastructure owner and operator with more than 640,000 parking spaces in over 3,300 well-managed commercial parking facilities across seven Western European countries.

We are one of Europe’s leading parking infrastructure owner and operator with more than 640,000 parking spaces in over 3,300 well-managed commercial parking facilities across seven Western European countries.

We mainly operate off-street parking spaces owned by us as well as parking spaces under concessions and long-term leases from public and private landlords.

We demonstrate that effective regulated and paid parking make an economic and sustainable contribution to cities and society, and that a positive parking experience impacts how people enjoy their visit, journey, shopping, commute or residence.

We have numerous mobility hubs which provide access to a variety of sustainable mobility services. Supporting urban accessibility, sustainability and liveability.

We provide sustainable mobility services such as:

  • last mile logistics and locker walls;
  • EV charging points and EV fleet charging hubs;
  • public transport, car sharing and bicycle parking.

Quality in parking

The need for parking solutions

Throughout the developed world, cars continue to be the preferred mode of transport for large numbers of people, as cars have the very significant benefits of door-to-door capability, 24-hour availability, flexibility, privacy and at relatively low cost.

The downside, however, becomes apparent when large numbers of people want to be in the same place at the same time – this leads to traffic congestion and competition for available parking space.

Parking solutions that are intelligently designed and well located, and that are integrated with the public transport system, can help to address these challenges, and so make a major contribution to society's well-being.




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Mobility chain solutions

Parking facilities are vital links in the mobility chain, connecting travellers with their final destination and acting as public transport transit points. We work closely with local authorities to develop facilities that enable travellers to park their cars or bicycles securely and conveniently as they continue their journey by another means.
P+R (Park + Ride) facilities, the Netherlands

Q-Park P+R facilities are modern, integral parts of the mobility chain in many towns and cities across the Netherlands. Located in the vicinity of public transport, they are easy to access and easy to find.

While Q-Park P+R facilities are open to everyone, they are designed especially for those who are continuing their journey by public transport, with travellers receiving a reduction on their parking tariff. It’s a system that has saved hundreds of millions of car kilometres.

As with all Q-Park facilities, P+R facilities are well laid out, safe, clean and feature ample parking spaces, camera surveillance and good lighting. Other notable features include:

  • Customer-friendly pedestrian route to public transport
  • Open 24/7
  • Automatic lighting at entrance/exit
  • Favourable parking tariffs for commuters
  • Cashless payment only – multiple cards accepted
  • Parking spaces for the disabled
  • General information
  • 24/7 season tickets
  • Special discounts for travellers


Q-Park has taken parking convenience a step further – from cashless to ticketless to cardless parking – no bank or credit card required at the parking facility at all. This technology is embodied in our PaSS solutions.

Q-Park PaSS technology has been implemented in Belgium nationwide and in selected parking facilities in the Netherlands, the UK and Denmark. We have firm plans to implement the innovation in many more parking facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, France, Ireland and Denmark.

Q-Park PaSS is an evolutionary innovation combining ANPR technology with digital payment solutions and Q-Park's proprietary Back Office Calculation (BOC) module. Now, we can integrate the Parking Management System (PMS) at access and exit points with Q-Park’s BOC to create a seamless, fair and transparent parking experience.

Q-Park PaSS is an ecosystem. It is a collaborative economic innovation because in recent years, boundaries between industries have become blurred and customers are hyper-connected. Everyone now has access to ambient intelligence and connectivity, boundless information and unlimited choices.

Understanding this created the opportunity to grow our business by delivering and capturing value from innovation with a variety of business partners. Together we considered how to:

  • simplify the various steps a parking customer needs to take (literally and figuratively) and we innovated to make these steps as simple as possible;
  • connect the various sales & service channels a customer uses and we innovated for transparency, flexibility and freedom of choice;
  • plan adaptively for businesses who wish to offer parking as part of their service and we innovated to ensure seamless integration with their backoffice systems.

In Belgium PaSS is integrated with partner applications:

  • Payment Service Providers (PSPs), providing effortless parking for their clients using their mobile banking app;
  • Mobility Service Providers (MSPs) such as EasyPark, Parkmobile and 4411, providing an integrated on-street and off-street solution for their app users.

Integrating payment options is a specific Q-Park PaSS solution and is available to any customer using an app which is part of our ecosystem. Customers register their number plate and link it to a bank account. Their number plate then forms their key to access Q-Park car parks.


Healthcare centre solutions

Healthcare centre solutions

In the dynamic healthcare market – consider the ageing population, consolidation and the shift from long-term hospitalisation to out-patient treatment – offering parking facilities is a supplementary service to the core activities of the hospital: the provision of healthcare.

The healthcare industry is increasingly characterised by multifunctional centres that offer general and specialist care at a variety of levels. From family doctors’ practices to highly specialised centres in the form of a healthcare arcade.

These large-scale centres with a regional function are often located outside the urban centres. In some cases a healthcare centre is connected with public transport but usually people are obliged to travel by car.

Healthcare partners

Until recently, opportunities for parking companies in the healthcare sector were mostly based on management contracts or short-term lease contracts. However, over the past few years we have developed a number of projects where hospital parking facilities are financed through a strategic Public Private Partnerships between Q-Park, trusts and healthcare centres.

Today, we work closely with healthcare partners to deliver customised healthcare parking solutions, ensuring that the needs of hospital car park users – patients, staff and visitors – are fully met. We provide innovative and flexible thinking, financial investment and comfort for all visitors.

Understanding the challenges

We understand the challenges of delivering outstanding healthcare parking solutions, and recognise that a hospital is rarely a destination of choice. People may arrive worried, fearful or angry or may just have heard distressing news at the hospital. Visitors need a parking service that operates as smoothly and conveniently as possible, so there’s one less thing to worry about.
Our proposals are designed to:

  • Meet the trust’s main objective of improving patient and visitor access
  • Contribute to the overall quality of care provision, within a sustainable travel plan
  • Deliver full flexibility for trust policies
  • Provide appropriate investments, enabling hospitals to concentrate on healthcare

To offer comfort for people in need of special care, we adapt our parking facilities. Our healthcare parking facilities offer a range of adapted solutions, such as:

  • Extra wide parking spaces for the disabled
  • Special payment machines at wheelchair height
  • Wheelchair availability
  • Various safety and security measures
  • Clearly marked pedestrian signage and improved routing
  • Specially trained parking hosts

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