Webinar: How to Reliably Build a Parking System without Loops

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Adaptive Recognition

How to Reliably Build a Parking System without Loops

7th December, 2021 - 3pm CET/9am EST

Are you looking for a reliable alternative to induction loops?
Do you want to prevent data loss in case of network interruption?
Do you need a way to update multiple cameras at once?

Let us present you Einar, Adaptive Recognition’s camera with onboard plate recognition and built-in triggers, specially designed for urban parking.

During an online discussion with our experts Richard Wolf and Aron Blaho, we will demonstrate how Einar, combined with Carmen, our plate recognition (ANPR/LPR) software, can spare you time, effort, and money. No need to break asphalt, no need for complicated cabling, no need to compromise.


Richard Wolf

Richard has been Adaptive Recognition’s Sales Manager for over 15 months, responsible for the department of ANPR cameras for access control and parking unit. He is an accomplished business leader with managerial experience across several industries.

Aron Blaho

Aron has extensive experience in ANPR technologies related to access control and parking. He has a vivid interest in disruptive digital innovations in the parking industry that have been a driver of change.


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Online Event

Online Event

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