Airport Parking Network Event

Last week, on the 5th & 6th of November 2012, our yearly Airport Parking Network Event took place in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal. Being the 4th edition of this event, Airport Parking Managers came together to mix & mingle with the major captains of the parking industry at the business centre of the Lisboa Airport (LIS). The APNE not only gave Airport Parking Managers the chance to network and exchange their experiences with European fellows, but also gave them the opportunity to update their technical knowledge on the industry via company workshops. The 2-days event was hosted in co-operation with ANA, the Airport Authority of Portugal, and provided networking insights on the parking management of Airports.

With more than 50 participants, from over 15 different countries, representing over 60 different airports in Europe (and one in South Africa), the event proved to be less numerous in quantity (compared to previous years) but nevertheless fruitful in quality despite budget cuts from economic turbulences.

Overview of all represented airports

In the morning of the first and the second day, Airport Parking Managers were engaged in an open discussion in order to exchange business practices and experiences, all in all moderated by our event host Jorrit. Many interesting topics - such as pricing strategy, online reservations, and  incentive programs - were widely discussed and debated by the Airport Parking Managers themselves. Following a break of drinks & meal, the parking industry had afterwards the opportunity to present its workshops on its respective products. Just to give a few examples, workshop topics ranged from general parking management, online reservations, long-range identification, and facility operations management.

Overview of all participating companies

The first day was in the end rounded up with an exclusive dinner night-out at the Senhor Vinho restaurant which accompanied its tasty Portuguese specialities with traditional (and emotionally intense) Fado music. This very relaxing night-out gave all participants a better chance to get to know each other in a more pleasant and less informal way.

We like to thank all participants for coming to a successful event, we believe that everybody enjoyed this unique opportunity of Airport Parking Networking, and we hope to see the usual suspects again next year at our Airport Parking Network Event!

ps: stay tuned for impressions and workshop presentations that will come soon!