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Crane Payment Innovations (CPI)is built upon the technical heritage and market expertise of our famous brands CashCode, Conlux, MEI, Money Controls, NRI and Telequip.

We are now one company with one of the world’s largest installed bases of payment systems. Our range of products and technologies, not to mention our unmatched customer service and support, combine to bring you benefits that will make a real difference to your business. From compatibility with every coin and note to real cost-saving efficiency, we offer total cash management solutions to meet the needs of every customer.

Complete Cash Management Solutions

Cash management solutions in the parking industry must be reliable and easy to use, but beyond that, the requirements will always depend on the locality and the specific application. Only a supplier with the widest range of technologies and expertise can hope to offer a solution fit for every scenario and in every corner of the globe. As the world’s leading provider of money handling technology, CPI offers the most comprehensive portfolio of cash management solutions in the parking industry. From note acceptors and recyclers to a variety of different coin products, customers can be confident that our solutions are robust and efficient, and that they will deliver the ROI that makes a big difference to business.

This is supported by the CPI Vision:

To be the global leader in currency validation and cash management systems, delivering innovative solutions that enhance our customers profitability.

CPI is headquartered in Malvern, PA with additional offices, manufacturing facilities, distribution and service centres worldwide. For more information, visit www.CranePI.com.     

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Interview with Mr. Andrew Osborne, Marketing Director

Company information

Headquarters location Chemin du Pont-du-Centenaire 109
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alioWith Alio, CPI presents an All-In-One cashless hardware solution for unattended payment. With a large touchscreen and customizable user interface, operators can create an engaging user experience. Plus, Alio's rugged outer-casing and protective Gorilla Glass protects hardware against vandalism and daily wear-and-tear. Alio is supported by CPI's cashless solution, including payment processing services and our cloud-based device management platform.


Cashless for Off-Street Parking

Taking our years of industry knowledge and working with owners and OEMs alike, CPI delivers a cashless solution designed to meet to evolving and adapting needs of off-street parking. With an engaging screen and advanced features, Alio keeps your patrons moving.

  • More Ways to Pay
  • Hardware Designed to Do More
  • Incentivize Your Customers to Keep Coming Back
  • Managing Your Devices

                 Hardware Designed to Do More   Incentivize Your Customers to Keep Coming Back

Cashless for Electric Vehicle Charging

Working with industry experts in parking and payment alike, CPI delivers a comprehensive payment solution for Electric Vehicle Parking operators. Designed to grow with the market, Alio is a future-proof solution that will engage customers and deliver operators additional opportunities for ROI.

  • Maximum Return for a Single Investment
  • Additional Revenue Opportunities
  • Keep Them Coming Back for More
  • Managing Your Devices

                   ev alio Managing Your Devices

Complete Cash Management Solutions

  • Note recyclers
  • Note acceptors
  • Coin acceptors
  • Coin changers
  • Coin dispensers
  • Coin recycling
  • Integration
  • Trusted Technology


Note Recyclers

Banknote Recycler MEI-BNRBank Note Recycler (BNR)

The BNR is widely used within the transport market because it offers a secure, reliable, modular and compact banknote recycling solution. With its unique Swiss design and robust build, it has a proven track record in applications as diverse as metro, high speed rail, toll and parking.

• Lockable, removable and durable cashbox
• Banknote capacity of 600, 1200 or 2400
• Stores non-recycled banknotes, overflow and end-of-day cash
• Electronic memory for ID and content

Loader cassette
• Up to 250 note capacity for start-up loading or negative float
• Lockable and removable
• Electronic memory for ID and content
• Adjustable replenish float level of recycler

Dual recycler modules
• Each lockable dual recycler module has one 30-note and one 60-note recycler
• Software configurable to customise unit to application
• Configurable to recycle up to four separate denominations
• Multi-note escrow (up to 15 notes)


Built upon the highly successful SC Advance technology, the SCR delivers a highly reliable and compact banknote recycling solution that provides a groundbreaking and affordable payment option. Making life more convenient for users whilst reducing downtime and increasing profitability for operators, the SCR presents an outstanding alternative to traditional cash payment solutions.

• Based upon the successful and reliable SCN technology
• Rapid in-field repair time thanks to its modular design
• Global noteset availability
• Excellent consumer interface facilitating rapid end-user transactions
• Suite of API’s to enable rapid integration

• Lockable, removable and durable with 600-note capacity

• Two 60-note recycling drums
• Multi-note escrow
• Recycles up to two denominations

• Mechanical security with anti-stringing protection
• ‘Door open’ detection even when powered down
• Entrance/exit sensors ensure accurate accounting


Note Acceptors



The BNA6 note acceptor is designed specifically for use in busy environments that require high security and a large capacity, secure cashbox. It is ideal for automated fare collection, toll systems, and pay on foot parking systems.

• Advanced optical recognition technology
• Fast transaction time
• Market leading security
• Multi-note escrow
• Unrivalled reliability and low cost of ownership
• Rugged cashbox designed for harsh environments
• High capacity lockable cashbox


SC Advance™

SC Advance

Featuring enhanced recognition technology and faster note-to-note speed, the SC Advance note acceptor offers four cashbox options to ensure the best fit for your application. Additional product enhancements can add functionality to this note acceptor resulting in a tailored solution for your individual needs.

• High note acceptance of over 98%
• Under 2.5 seconds to stack
• Global noteset for over 100 countries
• Low jam rate creating more machine up-time
• A variety of options for bezels and note widths
• Multiple serial protocols and USB interface
• Low maintenance costs equal higher revenue


CashCode one™

The CashCode one versatile note acceptor is offered in one universal design regardless of country, currency, mounting or protocol, helping reduce logistic and inventory costs. It offers value added product configurations and extensions without major hardware upgrades. In turn, this helps operators to improve their operation and the customer’s first-hand experience.

• 98% first-time acceptance rate
• Advanced sensor technology scans both sides of the note
• Self-centering transport guides
• Metal bezel and coated boards for outdoor applications
• 600 or 1000 banknote cashbox




The CashCode MSM backload multi-width note acceptor is designed to meet the needs of high volume, automated self-service parking solutions, both on-and off-street. This unique design allows operators to mount the unit directly on the door or using a hinge bracket, in up-stack or down-stack position.

• 98% first-time insertion acceptance rate on street grade or new banknotes
• Low energy mode - ideal for on-street parking and solar power applications
• Secure lockable-removable cassettes available in 300, 500 or 1000 banknote capacities
• Four-way note insertion
• Complete transport cycle of only 1.7 seconds
• High impact resistant cash vault
• Durable metal chassis, metal bezel and coated boards for outdoor applications

Coin Acceptors

While our coin payment solutions come in many shapes and sizes, our commitment is to provide you with the most reliable and best suited product for your application - from dispensers and changers to acceptors and recyclers.


The v2 falcon coin acceptor is a 3.5” format coin acceptor that is designed to be the fastest freefalling acceptor without sacrificing reliability.

• Special freefall design for minimum machine downtime
• High acceptance speed & short transaction times
• Superior coin validation using unique MFT Multi-Frequency Technology


The v2 colibri coin acceptor is a versatile 3.5” format coin acceptor with a wide selection of models, interfaces and sorters available.

• Superior coin validation using unique MFT Multi-Frequency Technology
• Optical system designed to monitor the coin path for high security


The v2 eagle coin acceptor is a 5” format coin acceptor with choice of integrated 4- or 5-way sorting.
• Superior coin validation using unique MFT Multi-Frequency Technology
• Anti-jam sensor for fast coin insertion


The v2 pelicano coin acceptor is an ideal solution for when bulk coin input is required, such as toll road fare collection.

• Incorporates 2 coin systems in one chassis: A bulk coin feeder handling up to 20 coins and a coin acceptor
• User-friendly coin input

Coin Changer

CashFlow® 7000 Series
CashFlow 7000

The CashFlow 7000 series is the smart choice for coin management, with unique tracking and  diagnostic capabilities that gives operators the tools and business information they need to better manage their cash and increase profits.

• Dispenses 5 denominations of surplus coins and identifies when replenishment is needed
• Provides change for high value bills when working in conjunction with a bill acceptor / recycler

Coin Dispensers

Universal Hopper

The Universal Hopper offers unrivalled performance, reducing operator costs while offering a large coin capacity.

• Suitable for most global coin sets and sizes
• Up to 1,200 €1 coins, 950 £1 coins, or 1,500 US 25¢ coin capacity
• Secure payout of up to three coins per second

Compact Hopper

The Compact Hopper has a small footprint and large capacity, making it ideal for many applications including retrofit.

• Single or Stream mode payout, at a rate of up to 8 coins per second with side, rear or front exit
• Range of bowl options
• Field-proven reliability

Coin Recycling

CPI also has several coin recyclers in its portfolio. The CR and BCR are equipped with 4 to 6 high-capacity coin hoppers and feature high-speed bulk coin input, a fast payout and auto-jam detection and clearance.



The PayLink integration module allows the connection of a range of payment peripherals such as coin and bill products and hoppers, which may all be driven using one or more industry-standard protocols, such as ccTalk™, MDB and ID003. It enables simple and fast connection of a range of other units such as buttons, switches, status LEDs, lamp drivers and serial meters, and with its serial printer support, rapid implementation of thermal ticket applications via standard interfaces is also possible.

• Designed for use with USB-enabled PCs
• Includes software for easy implementation in host application
• Highly secure interface

Why Choose CPI?

CPI is a global company that offers the advantages of international operation and local market expertise. The result is a total cash management solution for all kinds of transport and parking operators wherever they are located in the world. We are about more than just our products, as our teams of cash management experts are always available to ensure our technology is implemented properly, and our customers receive the support they require whenever they need it.


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