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Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) is built upon the technical heritage and market expertise of our famous brands CashCode, Conlux, Crane, Cummins Allison, MEI, Microtronic, Money Controls, NRI and Telequip.

We are one of the world’s largest installed bases of payment systems. Our range of products and technologies, not to mention our unmatched customer service and support, combine to bring you benefits that will make a real difference to your business. With the world’s most reliable portfolio of note, coin, and cashless payment devices, we make payment simple and easy even in the harshest environments to meet the needs of every customer.

Now, CPI offers cashless payment solutions that seamlessly integrates into any unattended payment environment, including parking and EV charging.

 Payment Technologies

Cash and cashless management solutions in the parking and EV charging industry must be reliable and easy to use, but beyond that, the requirements will always depend on the locality and the specific application. Only a supplier with the widest range of technologies and expertise can hope to offer a solution fit for every scenario and in every corner of the globe. As the world’s leading provider of money-handling technology, CPI offers the most comprehensive portfolio of cash and cashless management solutions in the parking and EV charging industry. From note acceptors and coin validators to cashless card readers, customers can be confident that our solutions are robust and efficient, and that they will deliver secure travel payment solutions.

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Parkex 2022

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Headquarters location 3222 Phoenixville Pike
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  • Alio Pro EV Charging Solution
  • Alio Pro Payment Solution
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Product information

Alio - Cashless Payment Solutions for EV Charging and Parking


alioWith Alio, CPI presents an All-In-One cashless hardware solution for the EV charging and parking industry. With a large touchscreen and customizable user interface, operators can create an engaging user experience. Plus, Alio's rugged outer-casing and protective Gorilla Glass protects hardware against vandalism and daily wear-and-tear. Alio is supported by CPI's cashless solution, including payment processing services and our cloud-based device management platform, Simplifi.


Cashless for Off-Street Parking

Taking our years of industry knowledge and working with owners and OEMs alike, CPI delivers a cashless solution designed to meet to evolving and adapting needs of off-street parking. With an engaging screen and advanced features, Alio keeps your patrons moving.

  • More Ways to Pay
  • Hardware Designed to Do More
  • Incentivize Your Customers to Keep Coming Back
  • Managing Your Devices

                 Hardware Designed to Do More   Incentivize Your Customers to Keep Coming Back

Cashless for Electric Vehicle Charging

Working with industry experts in parking and payment alike, CPI delivers a comprehensive payment solution for Electric Vehicle Charging operators. Designed to grow with the market, Alio is a future-proof solution that will engage customers and deliver operators additional opportunities for ROI.

  • Maximum Return for a Single Investment
  • Additional Revenue Opportunities
  • Keep Them Coming Back for More
  • Managing Your Devices

                   ev alio Managing Your Devices

Complete Cash and Cashless Management Solutions

  • Note recyclers
  • Note acceptors
  • Coin acceptors
  • Coin changers
  • Coin dispensers
  • Coin recycling
  • Cashless card readers
  • Integration
  • Trusted Technology


For more information about our other payment solutions, visit our website to learn more.

Why Choose CPI?

CPI is a global company that offers the advantages of international operation and local market expertise. The result is a total cash management solution for all kinds of EV charging, transport, and parking operators wherever they are in the world. We are about more than just our products, as our teams of cash and cashless management experts are always available to ensure our technology is implemented properly, and our customers receive the support they require whenever they need it.


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