Cargo bike parking developments in Scandinavia

HOE360 Consulting pink car Copenhagen

Two cities, one in Denmark and another in Sweden, are benefiting from Danish company HOE360 Consulting’s innovative parking design that cater to the special needs of cargo bike owners.

The company created what a press release dubbed as the “world’s first parking facility for cargo bikes” for the City of Copenhagen.

Painted pink and shaped like a full-sized car, its design drew a lot of attention. But the real winner, according to the release, is the new facility’s features, which provide cyclists with “a safe and lockable rack.”

HOE360 Consulting has also brought its parking know-how to the City of Malmö in Sweden.

After a workshop, the company developed a design line and a parking rack customized for cargo bikes. Since only traditional parking racks are usually available for cyclists, Malmö’s new racks have been specially made for cargo bikes. The rack’s height makes it difficult for two-wheel bikes to stay secured but allows cargo bikes to easily park.

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