SKIDATA's new cloud-based apps for bike and car parking

Bicycle Parking

Previously when SKIDATA delivered systems for quick and secure access control for people and vehicles, they would provide their customer with servers next to the facility. This means that servicing, maintenance and troubleshooting regarding their systems had to be done on-site. With cloud-based systems everything can be managed from a distance.

With implementing cloud technology, a whole different business model is opening op for SKIDATA AG, according to business development manager Christian Wenninger in this article.

SKIDATA has always been focussing on urban mobility and the importance of convenient parking in urban environments, as you can read in this brochure:

"Secure bike storage is becoming increasingly important at travel hubs, e.g. inner city car parks or train stations. Allow easy access to bicycle parking – for example with the mobile phone - for a convenient onward journey."

Regarding bicycle parking, SKIDATA has implemented an access solution in Austria for bicyclists. They will be able to use a mobile app to pysically open bicycle parking boxes, which is quite a unique feature according to Wenninger. 

Next to this, SKIDATA will very soon roll-out a parking solution for a major shopping centre in the UK. Users can register at an online portal, after which they will recieve an RFID tag that can be placed in the car. The cloud-based system will automatically confirm access and entry.

For the operator this means that occuring problems, like a barrier that doesnt open, will be solved within seconds. This happens through a cloud platform, offered by SoftLayer, who guarantees low-latency and stable, dedicated resources. 

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