LED revenue for outdoor application forecast looking good

LED Revenue forecast

With the transition from regular lighting to LED lighting in outdoor systems, you might expect revenue from changing to LED to be booming, which it is. Navigant Research reported that by 2021, the return is going to be huge relative to using normal lamps. 

Installing LED lighting will extremely decrease the price on your energy bill, so why not use LED in the public domain. Nowadays a lot of (green) parking lots already have LED lighting inside and it's time outside parking lots follow this example. 

According to the research done by Navigant, the worldwide LED revenue in 2014 is $921 million. When outdoor and parking application of LED lighting increase, the revenue will increase drastically. Navigant researchers expect the revenue to be a whopping $1.4 billion in 2021.

This has to do with lower power-consumption, cheaper purchase and a much longer lifespan of a LED light resulting in a trend of changing to LED lighting that will exponantially grow over the years.

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