Parking data handed over to Dutch Tax and Customs Administration

pay by phone parking

Even though the court first determined against, today the court in Den Bosch, NL, decided on appeal that the data from clients of the Dutch company SMS Parking should still be transferred to the Tax Office.

Customers from SMS Parking pay for parking via their mobile phone. The Tax Office wants the customer data to detect fraud among, for example, lease drivers. SMS Parking didn’t want to deliver the data and the court in Den Bosch earlier decided that the company didn’t have to. Today, the court decided different…

SMS Parking says that handing the data over will be a great invasion of privacy. The court however finds that the data cannot be traced directly to an individual. Also, according to the Court, the Tax Office guarantees privacy by destroying the data directly when there’s no sign of fraud.

According to the court, SMS Parking indicated to hand over the data if that is what the judge commands.

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