Back to Basics: ANPR

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a term often bandied around but have you ever wondered what it actually is and what it can be used for? 

ANPR is a technology that reads vehicle registration plates to create location data. Information is usually captured by scanners or cameras then cross-referenced for a range of traffic and law enforcement purposes. At a basic level, the image of a license plate is converted into machine-encoded text, otherwise known as optical character recognition. The use of this type of technology can be spread across CCTV, traffic enforcement cameras, and ANPR-specific cameras. 

ANPR Applications

ANPR can be applied to many different sectors, although it's mainly seen within law enforcement, traffic monitoring, security management and car park management. If we look specifically to car park management, a good ANPR system can make easier the following; payment processes, visibility of spaces and can help make ticketless systems possible. 

Benefits of ANPR may include easy integration into existing facilities, the allowance of 24/7 monitoring, an economical option vs employment of staff, a complement to an existing staffing structure, complete automation, and full visibility, amongst many others. 

Our valued Business Members, Adaptive Recognition, have recently put out a series of blog posts on the topic of ANPR. These are specifically aimed to provide a detailed insight into ANPR, its functionality and gives a clear breakdown of terms associated with all things ANPR. We would recommend you read this if you'd like further information on this topic using the links below: 

We have a number of respective ANPR solution providers on our platform so, if you'd like to know more about ANPR, simply go to our news page here and search for ANPR to see what the latest developments are, or for more information on ANPR solution providers click here