Parking Network News Bulletin 2021 Fourth Edition

Parking News Bulletin

Jobs within parking are diverse and whilst the shift of late has been towards contactless and automated parking, jobs are still being created. Whether you are already a parking professional or looking for a switch in career to parking you can always check out our job section, which is updated daily with parking jobs around the world.



If you're interested in news related to jobs in parking then perhaps the following links may be of interest to you:

During the pandemic, many car parks were repurposed for various reasons; some as testing centers others as dining areas to give the hospitality industry a chance to maximise their available dining space. If you're interested in repurposing of parking facilities, check out the following:

EV charging is a continually trending topic. As the shift continues slowly towards electric vehicles, more and more charging points are required. Here's the latest around the world on the EV front:

Finally some miscellaneous parking news that has been featured recently from various sources around the world:

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