First Edition of Parking News Bulletin 2021

Daily Parking News Bulletin

Parking can mean big bucks for some locations. However, recent reports from the City of Los Angeles and the D.C. Government show how important effective enforcement is, as both respectively either spend more on enforcement than they receive or simply do not offer reciprocity across states.

Read the news reports in full here:

As COVID-19 hit the world last year, many people turned to alternative modes of transport and cycling became hugely popular. As people familiarized themselves once again with this mode of transport after potentially many years of not cycling, several questions have now been raised. Will the fondness for cycling continue and where can bikes be parked safely?

Check out these articles to read more on this topic and see what is happening to ensure parking and charging are readily available for bicycles:

We’ve talked a few times in the past about repurposing projects, sustainable solutions and a lot about EVs and EV charging. Here’s the latest related to our industry on these topics:

Airport parking is a niche that is picking up once more, as travel restrictions have eased globally. Here’s the latest on the airport parking side around the world:

Partnerships are always being made within our industry. If you want to see the latest in who may be working with whom around the world, why not check out the following:

Facts and figures featured in various parking reports may be your thing and, if they are, we suggest checking out the following:

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