Parking News Bulletin 2021 Second Edition

Daily News Parking Bulletin

In today's roundup, we'll cover the latest parking news around the world.

Let's begin today's round up news blog with some hospital parking news. Most people take it for granted that if they go to hospital they will be subject to paid parking, often regardless if they are staff or patients. However, the topic can be somewhat controversial and often there is resentment within this particular niche. If hospital parking is your bag, we suggest you check out the following:

Parking management is always a relevant topic for our industry. It goes without saying that the more efficiently your facility is managed, the better the experience for both your customer and your staff. Check out the following related to this topic:

Acquisitions and mergers have been the trend of late. Here's the latest:

Parking is so diverse that we often end up with miscellaneous news. Here are a few links, some light-hearted and others more serious, but definitely all can be considered unusual!

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