Optimizing Shopping Center Parking

Shopping Center Parking

Shopping center parking has evolved from a simple matter of having enough parking for shoppers to a more detailed operation that requires technology and know-how. Shoppers do not only want to know that there are available parking spaces. Shoppers want to find the spot quickly and without effort. Shoppers want several options to pay for parking. Shoppers with electric vehicles want to be able to charge their cars while they shop.

The array of possibilities has changed shopping center parking.

So what resources do shopping center parking operators have to optimize parking?

Data…lots of data!Parking Data

Parking network operators can get useful data from different sources. Parking sensors do not only feed information to parking guidance systems in the city and around the parking garage. Sensors can also give parking operators important information like which parking spaces are used the most, how long parking spaces are used, and how long are parking spaces left unused. Loyalty cards can also provide data related to shopping preferences such as peak shopping hours, profile of average visitor, and purchasing patterns.

Shop owners

Shop owners are not necessarily a resource but a strong ally. Shop owners and parking operators want the same thing: more visitors and happy loyal shoppers. Parking discounts are perhaps the most known incentives that shoppers and parking operators offer. Loyalty cards also promote parking and shopping in specific areas in the city (not just for shopping malls). By using loyalty cards, shoppers can obtain points which can later be exchanted for discounts, prizes or products. 

ShopperSmart parking features

Parking guidance systems, license plate recognition, intelligent lighting, ticketless parking and cashless payments are features that can make shopping center parking efficient.

These and many more topics will be part of the Shopping Center Parking Network Event on September 12th and 13th at the Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel. For a more detailed agenda and information about workshops, please visit the event page at parkingevent.com.