Quick Question: How Will the Frictionless Parking Trend Evolve in 2020?

Parking Trends for 2020: developing the frictionless parking experience.

Following on from last week’s Quick Question, we take a closer look at the trend towards creating a better parking experience for drivers. Guy Barnes, from IDeaS Revenue Solutions, argued that through collaboration and the convergence of silos the industry will be able to develop a frictionless car parking experience.

Here’s what other leading industry experts have to say about how payment options, additional services, and cutting-edge software will all play a role in the creation of a seamless parking experience.

Businessman in a grey suit and green shirtSimon Wood, Senior International Partner at CCV Group

“2020 will bring ongoing efforts to provide drivers with choice in terms of how they pay for parking. There will be a move away from traditional pay on foot solutions towards contactless, and mobile phone-based payment solutions will be entering the barrier-controlled arena. Who knows, somebody may even find the right way to combine parking and electric vehicle charging!”

Businesswoman in blue turtleneck with long brown hairKat Launert, Marketing Manager at ParkHelp

“Nowadays, parking is being considered more and more as an important part of the customer experience. As such we believe that this year the trends will evolve towards providing a better service, both from parking management to the end customer, and also from the solution provider to the parking operator itself”

Christopher Octon, Global Key Account Manager at 3C PaymentBlack and white photo of businessman in a white checked shirt

“The one major trend we see in parking for 2020 will be providing an enhanced user experience for the customer. Customers are looking for a frictionless payment transaction, with the increase of payments by card and contactless mobile, this becomes a key part of the process.”

Business man in a black suit and white shirtRobert Monsberger, CSO at DESIGNA

“The parking industry is moving towards industrial transformation. We see for 2020 a clear trend in digitalized, software-driven parking solutions to optimize the customer experience. This is supported by the demand for intelligent components such as dynamic pricing and dynamic analytics.” For more trends for parking in 2020, check out Steve Gorski’s video.

Businessman with hair tied back wearing a white polo shirtPeter Bosma, Manager Director of Parkos

“One of the biggest trends in the market that we have noticed is that companies are focusing more on making the customer experience less stressful. One of the ways they do this is by increasing the quality of amenities, like electric car charging stations and car washing services. They also focus on increasing the quality of execution, especially in the valet business. Another trend we see is the focus on customer satisfaction through the implementation of local payment options and easy to use software solutions.”

Face of a woman with blonde hairAlexandra Maillot, VP of Sales, USA and Canada Parking Division at survision

Survision truly believes that the players from the parking industry will bring their technologies together to create a better, seamless parking experience for its users. This will also boost the parking revenue of course. As LPR technology gets more accurate, innovative and cheaper, we think it will play a major role in the transition to frictionless parking.


Face of a smiling woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes

Insa Nagels, Manager Director of nagels

“One major trend in the parking industry in 2020 is probably that parking becomes more and more a part of a smart mobility customer journey.”


Businessman with a white shirt, black tie and black suit jacket


Radu-Vasile Pop, Global Head of Value-Added Resellers at Worldline

“Parking will become more convenient, more frictionless, faster and easier. Solutions such as one-tap payment, tap in-tap out, eWallets and booking your parking space upfront will become essential. Companies who want to say ahead of the curve will bring more value-added services, like bike rental and electric vehicle charging.”

Watch the video below to hear from the industry experts themselves and tune in next week for the final installment of Quick Question: Future Trends where we will be hearing about what products, solutions, and services will be appearing on the market in 2020.