Quick Question: Is It Time to Redefine Parking?

Parking Trends for 2020: rethinking the parking and mobility arena.

For the first episode in our Quick Question series, leading industry experts took the stage to share their predictions on what trends would be emerging and developing in 2020. One trend that many of our members agreed on was the evolution of the parking and mobility industries, whether that be in response to market disruptors, a way to combat the climate crisis or even a means of incorporating the latest technology.  

Headshot of Khristian Gutierrez, businessman in blue suit sitting on a grey armchairKhristian Gutierrez, Chief Revenue Officer at Passport

“We see a broadening of the definition of parking. What is parking? Is it merely a vehicle leasing space for a certain amount of time? Does the key need to be out of the ignition? Is a car just paused there? To answer these questions we need to think about ride-share, car share, other forms of transportation, such as scooters and bicycles, and who knows what could be coming up in 2020? Increasingly we see, at least in North America, the UK, and Western Europe, a wider definition of what parking really is. So it will be kind of an existential year for the industry as a whole, and we couldn’t be more excited to participate!”

Joe Survance, a businessmen wearing white open-collared shirt and pinstripe suit, wearing black rimmed glassesJoe Survance, Senior Vice President of Sales at Cleverciti Systems 

“One major trend for 2020? That’s a tough one! If I were to take the easy way out, I would say that change is probably that trend. This accelerated change will focus on mobility and congestion management. Today’s traditional parking space will start to change and transform into a demand-based space. And dynamic space management will address many user-groups, including transient contract delivery and TNCs, based on what is needed and when it is needed; whether that is the time of day, day of the week or time of the year. That’s the trend I think we will see taking shape in 2020.” 

Jeff Perkins, man wearing black-rimmed glasses and a black fleece sits at a desk with a roller banner behindJeff Perkins, Chief Marketing Officer at ParkMobile 

Collaboration will be the major trend for 2020. Now, we all know that more and more people are moving into cities, and so cities are becoming increasingly congested, which in turn puts a lot of strain on parking, transit, and all other mobility providers. Now, in the past, all of these mobility solutions have really operated in their own silos. But in 2020 you are going to see a lot more collaboration among all these mobility providers as they work to address urban congestion and really pave the way for the future of smart cities.”

Guy Barnes, businessman in a white shirt and blue suitGuy Barnes, Head of Global Sales at IDeaS Revenue Solutions

“As we move into the 20s, travel trends will be dominated by customers demanding better and more customized experiences. This will be no different in parking. We will see the convergence of silos and a move more towards frictionless car parking experiences and the enablement of connected cars. This convergence will go hand in hand with greater commercial awareness, from parking owners and operators, of the opportunity to harness data and analytics, in order to drive revenue performance in tandem with that better customer experience. Without a doubt 2020 is going to herald the beginning of much change, great exciting times in both parking and mobility.”

Business man in a black shirt and grey suit jacketArrive: Todd Tucker, SVP Marketing Development

“The biggest parking trend going forward into 2020 is the continued distribution of the parking experience to the places and software that consumers are already using in their day to day lives. From buying tickets to an event online, while using apps for transit and navigation and when parking your car, we won’t be talking about parking apps in 10 years. It will already be bundled into people’s operating system and the intelligent software people use to manage their busy lives.”

Man in white shirt and purple jumper, wears black-rimmed glasses and crosses his armsMarc Boher, Chief Commercial Officer at Urbiotica 

“The major trend in parking will be helping to face the climate change emergency in the cities. Cities are reducing the curbside spaces dedicated to parking, keeping only the room necessary for specific purposes, such as loading areas, and limiting the access of private cars to the city center. It will become easier for citizens to move from private to public means of transportation, and informing about parking availability will be essential.”

Businessman in a checked blue shirt and blue suitFilip Mora, Product Manager/Mobility Division at CIRCONTROL

“At CIRCONTROL, we strongly believe that the major trend in parking for 2020 will be electro-mobility. The new European legislation related to CO2 applies huge penalties to car manufacturers, so they are heavily investing in electric alternatives. Electro-mobility is experiencing tremendous growth and is effecting how parking will be in the next coming years. For 2020 the appearance of lots of new plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles will push parking to update itself.”

For more insight from these parking professionals, watch the video below. And don’t forget to tune in next week for more future trends based on the frictionless parking experience.