Recent LPR projects by Quercus

Recent LPR projects by Quercus

Quercus Technologies develops and manufactures highly technological products which aim at improving mobility and traffic safety. Products include All-in-One license plate recognition units, overview cameras and digital video recorders, virtual-loop based traffic sensors and non intrusive red light cameras. Below you can find information about some of their recent projects.

SmartLPR® Access units in Galeão Airport in Rio de Janeiro

Quercus in Rio de Janeiro

SmartLPR® Access units, license plate recognition cameras provided by Quercus, have been successfully installed in Galeão Airport in Rio de Janeiro. The LPR units provide great advantages for a better management and security of the car park and enhance the user's experience.

Increased security at Otkrytie Arena (Russia) with Quercus LPR cameras

Quercus in Russia

Several SmartLPR® Access units for license plate reading and controlled through the car park management software SmartLPR® Park have been recently installed in the car park of Otkrytie Arena Stadium, the recently opened new home of FC Spartak Moscow and with a capacity of 42000 seats.

Increased security with Quercus LPR cameras in Lincoln Center Parking, Miami (US)

Quercus in Miami

Lincoln center Parking Miami (Miami Branch, Florida) has recently been equipped with Quercus LPR cameras. Project involves different SmarLPR® Access plate recognition units and SmartREC® DVR video recording devices.