SKIDATA acquires the intellectual property and license plate recognition product of Parkingware

License Plate Recognition

On May 15, 2016, SKIDATA decided to take over the intellectual property and products PARKSENZ, Gate ID camera, Vigo camera reader and OVIS of Parkingware in response to the increasing importance of license plates as identification in parking.

With this acquisition, SKIDATA can better integrate license plate recognition in its product portfolio. As a result, SKIDATA can respond faster to the current trends such as the blurring of differences between on-street and off-street parking, ticketless parking, online reservation of a parking space, vehicle pollution checks, and the online control of parking products (license holders, phone parking, etc.) via, for example, the National Parking Register. This step will also provide SKIDATA with the possibility to optimize our service and support.

As a Solution Provider, SKIDATA sees license plate recognition as an integrated part of the overall solution in parking.

Parkingware is moving into Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions, with a focus on the online booking of charging points. At the moment you can book a charging station via an app or the web, but in the near future the car will book a charging point itself (IoT).


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