The Christmas spirit has already touched the parking industry

Christmas is another three weeks away but you can already feel the Christmas spirit in the parking industry. Christmas is the time of the year to think about other people that aren’t as lucky as you are, and to contribute to a better world. Some companies in the parking industry are touched by the Christmas spirit and feel the need to contribute to a better world.

If you ask a dozen people what the Christmas spirit actually is, you’ll probably get lots of different answers. But the moral of the answers isn’t that far apart: The Christmas spirit is that special feeling people seem to get around Christmas time, that makes them be much nicer and less selfish and makes them want to share. Suddenly it looks like people are more helpful to others and have more hope. Hope in themselves, hope in others, hope in a better world and maybe even hope that someday there will be peace on earth. Especially when the scenery is covered in snow and people are walking around in the cold, white world holding on to each other to share their warmth, a smile appears on people’s faces. The colder and snowier it gets outside around Christmas time, the warmer the hearts get.

O my, listen to me going on and on about the Christmas spirit and all the good things! It looks like the messages I read on the internet today awakened the Christmas spirit in myself as well! For instance, I read an article about APCOA PARKING Group and their annual Christmas donation. Do you know APCOA? It’s a European market leader in parking management for both on- and off-street parking situations. Every year around Christmas, they donate money to charity. It’s a tradition that they also honor this year: They donated their Christmas budget to SOS children villages! Now doesn’t that warm up your heart a little bit?


SOS children villages is an independent charity group that operates worldwide and focusses on giving abandoned children and children in despair a new home. APCOA donated 18.000 Euro to the German SOS children’s village Württemberg in Schorndorf-Oberberken. This village is located only a few miles away from the APCOA Headquarters. But not just this particular village, more SOS children villages will benefit from APCOA’s Christmas donation.

Then there’s Pango Mobile Parking! Pango is a leader in Pay-By-Phone technology. Now they don’t mention the word Christmas in their charity action, but they posted the following message on Facebook and Twitter:

 Pango Pay by Phone

Now this must have something to do with the Christmas spirit, doesn't it? Here’s the thing: The Christmas spirit will reach you too, whether you like it or not and whether you know it or not: The Christmas spirit is everywhere. So what are you waiting for? Come on, do it! LIKE Pango on Facebook!