WPS ParkAdvance at healthcentre Oosterpoort in Enschede

Oosterpoort in Enschede

Commissioned by the property owners, WPS was awarded the contract for placing a ParkAdvance parking management system. The previous system was outdated and based on automatic entry, and exitting with a purchased coin. Needless to say this didn't meet today's requirements.

Total project size

  • 1x entrance
  • 1x exit
  • 2x speed barrier WPS229,
  • 1x Full Options POS,
  • 1x CAT scanner
  • 1x master

Health Oosterpoort aims to provide the residents of Enschede and its environs quality care. Physical and mental health are important building blocks for a good quality of life. The caregivers consider it their main goal to deliver an optimal contribution therein. The care is accessible, easy to reach, targeting all healthproblems, for all age categories.