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Leader in the Design and Construction

of MSCP Car Parks in Europe

Are you looking for an individual parking solution that is robust, efficient, and cost-effective, with an optimized number of parking spaces for your users, visitors, or employees?

Astron specializes in building MSCP multi-storey car parks that are functional, cost-effective, and personalized while allowing a rapid return on investment. Our structures require only minimal planning and short construction times.

As the European leader with 58 years of experience in the engineering and construction of metal frame structures, Astron counts 13 offices and 3 production plants, with a capacity of 2,000 buildings a year. Astron also offers the construction of individual multi-storey car parks, dismountable car parks, and specific car parks for vans in all European countries.

Our know-how comprises consulting, design, engineering, and construction. With more than 80 car park references in Europe, we offer you complete construction services with single-source responsibility, reliability, and extensive knowledge of local building codes. Astron counts 13 offices and 3 production plants in Europe

Astron car parks are custom-built with an innovative "plug & play" process, for turnkey delivery. We offer you precise, unique construction concepts that perfectly meet your needs.

What Is Your Sector of Activity?

From strategic thinking to the design and construction of your car park, discover our services adapted to each stage of your project. Our expertise: consulting, design, engineering, construction, and financing.

Our MSCP Parking Solutions

Your Astron car park is made-to-measure, manufactured on a turnkey basis with a pre-engineered system. We propose functional and cost-effective multi-story steel parking lots with a great deal of architectural freedom. With car park references in several countries such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, The UK, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, etc, our teams are international and mobile and know the rules and particular features of local markets and can adapt the whole process.

Why Choose An Astron Car Park?

  • Customized design that allows for the integration of all types of additional services
  • Personalized atmosphere
  • Ecological and energy saving from design to operation
  • European leader with 58 years of experience in steel frame construction
  • Innovative technologies for next-generation eco-responsible car parks.
  • Optimization of the overall cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Optimization of the number of spaces and traffic
  • Future extensions lateral extension, elevation
  • Reversibility and mutability of the building
  • Engineering expertise
  • Speed of commissioning
  • Perfect integration with the environment

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France: Tel +33 1 57 96 75 99
Germany: Tel +49 06131-8309-0
Italy: +39 3428951439


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Recent projects

FRANCE: Lyon-St Exupéry Airport Car Park as a Mobility Hub

Multi-storey steel parking garage with grass and road bridge in front

This car park for Lyon-St Exupéry Airport offers 2,000 parking places on 7 levels. It is designed to handle the significant increase in traffic while offering a welcoming interior atmosphere for a smooth passenger experience. Certified HQE (BREEAM equivalent), it also reduces the carbon emissions for the airport with a rooftop photovoltaic power station that produces more electricity than the car park consumes. Excellent traffic flow and a welcoming interior atmosphere play a key role in regulating the traffic to avoid congestion, prevent vehicles from driving around a second time, and reduce waiting times.

LUXEMBURG: Solar Car Par

Multistory steel car park with solar panel roof top.

The Biohealth car park with 550 parking spaces is the first solar car park to be built and commissioned in Luxembourg, with 772 solar panels installed on the roof.

GERMANY: Euregio Klinik Parking for Employees and Medical Staff

Green clad steel multi-storey parking garage with trees in the foreground

Around 500 parking spaces are located on four levels over 16,000 m². After only six months of construction, the MSCP parking, built with prefabricated elements, was operational. Besides its functionality, its conviviality was an important criterion. Diagonal parking, as well as the brightness and very good visibility in the interior, makes parking easier, an important element for ill people.

AUSTRIA: Multimodal Car Park at Wels Train Station

Multistory parking garage lit up at night with street in the foreground.

This 17,700 m² steel car park adjoins the central station of the city of Wels in Austria. Meticulous planning was necessary due to the proximity of the rails because strict safety rules had to be respected. User-friendliness was also a major customer concern. To answer it, large spans, free of any columns, allow easy parking and guidance with lights and panels displaying free places have been installed. The use of different colors at each level facilitates the orientation in the parking lot.

UNITED KINGDOM: T1 Short Stay Car Park at Manchester Airport

Steel multi-storey parking garage at Manchester Airport

The challenge is to make the best use of the little space available in the airport area. In the immediate vicinity of Manchester airport, this 9,500 m² car park offers 402 parking spaces and is equipped with an automatic license plate recognition system for an easy and fast exit.

ITALY: Optimized Number of Places for a Commercial Property

Steel multi-storey parking garage with mountains in the background and green bushes in the foreground

Situated near the Mendrisio railway station and along the Milan-Lugano motorway, the company SPM wanted to take advantage of the last available land in the commercial area to develop its parking offer with tailor-made parking, making the most advantageous floor space and optimize the number of places. Parking is both the first and the last point of contact for visitors to this outlet. Its role is therefore essential in the overall perception of the point of sale: it is the car park that gives the first impression and remains as the last picture.

ROMANIA: Passenger Experience at Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport

Steel multi-story parking garage at Bucharest Airport

This 4-storey car park for Olimpia Parking is a 100% private investment that has approximately 1,500 parking spaces to meet demand from passengers for convenient, high quality, secure car parking next to the departure terminal at Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Mobility Hub Solution for Employees

Steel multi-storey car park with green grass in the foreground

This car park with an area of 1,055 m2 on 3 floors was built for Contipro, a Czech producer of Hyaluronic Acid. Contipro needed a low-risk, high-quality parking structure with design flexibility at the lowest possible cost in the shortest amount of time. 


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  • Construction
  • Design / Build
  • Garage Construction
  • Modular car parks
  • Parking Structure Design
  • Steel construction

Product information

 Design, Engineering, and Construction of MSCP Car Park in Europe

Customized, Cost-Effective Car Park Building Solutions

Over 19,000 Parking Facilities Built in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy...

Today, mobility practices are becoming more complex and the user is becoming a multimodal traveler. An Astron MSCP parking lot signed "Mobility Hub" is a car park optimized for smart mobility, shared mobility, and autonomous mobility for safer and more efficient transportation of people.  

Do you require parking spaces for customers, visitors, or employees? We can build a multi-storey car park for you that fulfills all your needs! Our teams are international and mobile. They meet with clients around the world, discuss projects, provide solutions, and conduct negotiations in the client's preferred form and language.

Astron steel buildings offer virtually infinite construction possibilities in & out, allowing you to customize the architecture of your parking facility in multiple configurations.

The Astron construction process includes the outer shell with the superstructure, the facades, and the roof. A large number of accessories complete the range of parking lots offered.

Our know-how comprises consulting, design, engineering, and construction. With more than 80 car park references in Europe, we offer you complete construction services with single-source responsibility, reliability, and extensive knowledge of local building codes. 

Our Car Park Solutions

Multi-Storey Car Park 

Multi-storey, open metal parking garage with rainbow colored layers

Astron's car park solution is customizable, 100% flexible, and adaptable to any terrain and ramp flow. The Astron MSCP car park modular system allows it to be customized to any shape or size to fit the specific needs of any location.

On the basis of the traffic flow at the location of your building and the driving and parking behavior that is expected, we develop a detailed parking area plan if required. The large scope for design and the possibility of choosing a variety of materials enables us to plan the multi-storey car park exactly in accordance with your wishes, specially adapted to your designated building plot. There are many different ways to plan the traffic flow within the building, taking into consideration the entrance, the ramps, the parking spaces, and how people leave the building on foot and return again.

Columns, Floors, and Facades - Every Part Has Its Own Place

The new generation of MSCP car park is lighter, less polluting, and more economical to build.

The weight-carrying construction is composed of recyclable steel elements. All components are custom-made at our European factories. Pre-punched holes and screw connections enable a quick and accurate erection at the construction site. For the floor components, we use pre-fabricated profiles steel sections that can be quickly assembled and then reinforced with concrete. This way composite construction combines the advantages of traditional steel construction and reinforced concrete construction: short erection time and low self-weight.

Differing color coating of each ceiling section facilitates orientation in the building: the perfect symbiosis of design, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.

The further design of the facade is developed according to your wishes: elegant design components, greenery planted to grow over the facade, wood, stone, or any other material can be selected to give the building an architectural touch. 

Removable, Circular Economy Car Parks

Diagram of a prefabricated parking garage with an element being taking in and out.

The evolving car park that adapts to your needs: DEMOUNTABLE and REMOUNTABLE as needed.

A parking lot...modular, reversible, demountable, recyclable, and ecological

Whether it is to manage potential growth, adapt to seasonality, or deal with an unforeseen event or emergency, the modular silo car park is useful for property developers, parking operators, and local authorities.

Astron has developed scalable construction architecture – based on patented technologies – with prefabricated elements which can be combined in a multitude of variations to meet the specific needs of customers in the management of their parking capacity and their land use strategy.

The modular silo car park is a key element in sustainable development, minimizing the impact of car parking construction on the environment, and in compliance with carbon neutrality with the complete recycling of the car park materials.

The Astron modular multi-story parking, configurable at will, is a concept adapted to all activities.

Meeting the Needs of Parking Verticals

Car Parks for Transportation Infrastructure – Airport

Car Parks for Transportation Infrastructure – Train station

Car Parks for City and Urban Mobility

Car Parks for Hospitals and Clinics

Car Parks for Business Real Estate

Car Parks for Commercial Real Estate and Retail

Car Parks for Car Rental Companies and Dealerships

Your MSCP Car Park Project in Detail

Green metal clad parking garage with circular element

Configure and Personalize Your Car Park in Your Image

What type of roof to choose? Opting for green energy? How to optimize the layout of your car park? How to enhance its architecture? These are just a few of the many options available to you in configuring and customizing your car park.

Thanks to a wide range of Plug & Play accessories, you can equip your car park according to its use and make it more efficient and more attractive for your users.

Explore the many possibilities and compare the different options.

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