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Partner for intelligent ANPR camera systems

At AVUTEC, we specialize in the creation and manufacturing of embedded camera systems, with a keen focus on license plate recognition. Our expertise encompasses not just the development of sophisticated recognition software but also extends to the production of the camera systems themselves, ensuring a seamless integration of both hardware and software components.

Camera models specialized in parking and access

AVUTEC X-Series ANPR cameras

The AVUTEC camera range includes camera models specifically designed for access control and parking solutions. At AVUTEC, we understand the importance of a smooth entrance experience, and our products are tailored to ensure just that. Our cameras are not only designed to read license plates with precision but are also engineered to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, offering a versatile and user-friendly solution.


Accuracy: Our commitment

We believe that accuracy is not just a feature but the cornerstone of effective ANPR systems. AVUTEC’s LPR technology offers the high accuracy levels essential for carefree operation. Our commitment to accuracy means our clients can trust our systems for critical applications, ensuring that every vehicle is identified correctly, every time.


Global reach, local precision

AVUTEC's technology transcends borders, offering worldwide recognition coverage for plates using the Latin alphabet. This approach does not compromise the local accuracy and specificity needed in ANPR technology. Our systems are equipped to handle the diverse range of license plate designs and standards found across the world, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.


Seamless integration, endless possibilities

The true power of AVUTEC's ANPR cameras lies in their ability to integrate with every thinkable system. Whether it's a complex security network, or a simple parking management system, our cameras are designed to integrate and make it work.


Top notch service and support, the best performance

At AVUTEC, we combine a personal approach with advanced remote monitoring and management to ensure top-notch service and support. This blend of personalized care and cutting-edge technology guarantees the best performance of our systems.

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Product information

At AVUTEC, our expertise in license plate recognition technology extends into the realms of parking and access control solutions. We're not just attuned to the industry's dynamics; we deeply understand the critical camera features necessary to make any project successful.

Tailored camera solutions for access control and parking

AVUTEC GatekeeperX and ModuleX LPR cameras


Our suite of camera systems is tailor-made for parking and access control environments. The Module-X, designed for seamless integration into a terminal, and the Gatekeeper-X, equipped with a motorized zoom lens for distant recognition, showcase the versatility inherent in our product range. The Gatekeeper-X can be mounted across spaces, even on distant walls, and is adaptable to regions where vehicles bear license plates only at the rear.

Adaptable technology for diverse applications

AVUTEC ModuleX parking and access control

Regardless of your venue's size or configuration – be it large or small, with fixed or flexible parking spaces, operating on ticketless or gateless systems – AVUTEC's ANPR cameras are engineered for precision and speed. Their compatibility with various Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) and integration with existing parking management or reservation systems highlight their versatility.

Moreover, our camera models feature Wiegand and OSDP interfaces, ensuring enhanced security and integration flexibility.

Powerful processing for comprehensive functionality
Our camera systems feature robust CPUs and NPUs, empowering them for not only license plate recognition but also for additional tasks and logic operations, like direction determination – a critical feature in vehicle counting systems and single lane drivingin and -out situations..

User-centric design and remote management
User-friendliness is key in our design philosophy. Our products are straightforward to install, and they come with remote monitoring and management capabilities, complemented by intelligent internal software.

Join us in exploring the capabilities and possibilities that AVUTEC offers – where technology meets practicality - in the world of license plate recognition.

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