AVUTEC Cameras Find Their Way to the Bahama’s

This project integrates our ANPR camera technology, ensuring that residents enjoy uninterrupted peace of mind and convenience.

Nestled on the southeastern side of Nassau, Palm Cay offers a slice of paradise with its beautifully appointed residences, each boasting lush gardens and serene water views. Just minutes away from pristine beaches, a vibrant beach club, and fine dining options, this 24-hour secured gated community promises an unmatched quality of life for families and boating enthusiasts alike.

As the gateway to the Exuma, merely 28 miles away, and at the heart of the 700 stunning islands of the Bahamas, Palm Cay not only stands out as a boater’s paradise but also as a haven of safety and convenience.

Enhancing Security and Convenience at Palm Cay With Advanced ANPR Technology

This project integrates our ANPR camera technology, ensuring that residents enjoy uninterrupted peace of mind and convenience, knowing their sanctuary is safeguarded by the latest advancements in surveillance technology. As we delve deeper into this project, we will explore how our ANPR cameras not only contribute to maintaining the exclusivity and security of Palm Cay but also enhance the convenience of daily life, solidifying its status as a truly modern haven.

Meeting Palm Cay’s Advanced Security Needs With State-Of-The-Art ANPR Technology

palm cay marina

Palm Cay resort was in search of an advanced ANPR technology solution capable of elevating the security within their gated community. They required a system that could independently manage a white list and autonomously read incoming license plates with high levels of accuracy. Additionally, it was essential that the system had the ability to automatically operate entry gates, thereby enhancing both security and convenience for residents.

In response to these needs, we offered the Gatekeeper 410X. This camera system is able to operate as a stand-alone camera solution that can seamlessly integrate into the existing framework of a community like Palm Cay.

The Multifaceted Capabilities of the Gatekeeper 410X

Firstly, it excels in scanning and accurately recognizing vehicle license plates, ensuring a seamless entry for authorized vehicles.
Secondly, it manages an onboard whitelist, determining who can enter the park autonomously, without requiring an external database or access control system.
Lastly, it independently operates the gate through its relay functionality.

This system not only fulfills the required security measures but also enhances the refined ambiance of Palm Cay, providing a harmonious blend of security, privacy, and operational efficiency.

licence plateIn conclusion, the adoption of the Gatekeeper 410X ANPR technology at Palm Cay significantly enhances the community’s security infrastructure. By providing sophisticated and accurate license plate recognition alongside autonomous access control, this system supports Palm Cay’s commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and convenience for its residents.

With its ability to manage access independently and ensure smooth entry for authorized vehicles, the Gatekeeper 410X aligns well with the community’s dedication to privacy and operational efficiency. This technology helps in preserving Palm Cay as a secure and luxurious enclave, where technology and tranquillity harmoniously coexist, thereby enriching the living experience for all residents.



image of AVUTEC logoAVUTEC manufactures and markets all-in-one ANPR camera systems. Our expertise encompasses both the development of sophisticated recognition software as the production of the camera systems themselves, ensuring a seamless integration between the hardware and software components.

Our ANPR systems are designed to ensure seamless integration with any system you can imagine. Our cameras are delivered to end-users through a dedicated network of partners, ensuring a smooth transition from production to practical use. Beyond delivering high caliber accuracy, we are committed to sharing our expertise with our partners, playing an active role in the success of their projects.

We warmly invite you to reach out to us and discover how our expertise and innovative ANPR systems can contribute to the success of your projects.


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