Crane Payment Innovations introduces groundbreaking cash recycling technology for parking facilities

The SCR permits parking facilities to accept automated cash payments more securely and conveniently

- Malvern, Pennsylvania, US
SCR payment system

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), the leading provider of cash payment solutions, today announced the introduction of the SCR, a groundbreaking new cash recycling solution that permits parking owners to conveniently and securely accept cash payments from parking patrons.

The SCR is a two-denomination recycler that can collect and dispense cash in a fraction of the time required by traditional cash payment equipment. It also features innovative security features that eliminate the risk of theft, and has a small footprint that can seamlessly be integrated with existing parking access and revenue control equipment.

The SCR offers significant cost advantages to parking owners,” said Bryan Alexander, industry sales manager for Crane Payment Innovations. “It costs about half as much as traditional cash payment systems.”

The SCR’s key features include:

  • Cash recycling: Cash that is accepted as payment is recycled by the machine for use as change, reducing the amount of coins in your customer’s pockets.
  • Customer convenience: Cash transactions are completed quickly and conveniently, providing an important customer service benefit to parking patrons.
  • Locked modules: Locked cash collection modules eliminate the risk of theft. When full, the modules are removed and transported to a counting room, where they can be unlocked and emptied. No one can gain access to the cash without authorization.
  • Small footprint: The SCR can easily be incorporated into new or existing access and revenue control equipment.
  • Low cost: The SCR is much less expensive to install than traditional cash payment solutions, and internal sensors monitor the volume of cash and notify parking managers when the unit is full, thus eliminating the cost and inconvenience of having staff visit machines daily to collect cash.

The SCR represents a technological breakthrough for parking owners and operators that makes accepting cash just as convenient as taking credit cards,” said Alexander. “The SCR also makes cash payment more secure than using a credit card. This is an important benefit today, when data breaches are so common.”

The SCR is compatible with all parking access and revenue control equipment. More information about the SCR can be found at

About CPICPI -Crane Payment Innovations

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) is part of Crane Co, a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products. CPI provides a full range of unattended payment solutions aimed at the Gaming, Retail, Transportation, Vending and Financial Services applications. CPI is built on the technological heritage and market expertise of the NRI, CashCode, Telequip, Money Controls and, most recently, the MEI and Conlux brands. CPI is headquartered in Malvern, PA with further offices, manufacturing facilities, distribution and service centers worldwide. CPI holds one of the world’s largest installed base of unattended payment systems. For additional information visit or, and follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn for regular updates.


The SCR will be on display this week at the Parking Industry Exhibition in Chicago ( Bryan Alexander, Parking Sales Manager, and Andrew Osborne, Marketing Director, will be there to answer all your questions.

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