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Egis is a leading global consulting, construction engineering and operating firm. We work side by side with clients to build a more balanced, sustainable and resilient world.

image of a man presenting a slideCreating a sustainable future.

We work side by side with clients on every step of their journey. Across every aspect of transport, infrastructure and the built environment. All around the globe.

Together we’re building a smarter, greener world and creating a sustainable future for communities everywhere.

End-to-end: Consulting, engineering and operating.

As consultants, engineers and operators of sustainable infrastructure and mobility services, we think differently.

Our clients benefit from both technical expertise and a holistic view of how green infrastructure, smart cities and future transport work together.

Working with clients across the entire value chain and project lifecycle drives quality, innovation and sustainability – for the long term.

Egis spans over 9 core sectors

We work alongside our clients on every step of their journey. Across every aspect of transport, infrastructure and the built environment. All around the globe.

  • Transportation
  • Energy, water & environment
  • Sustainable cities

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Company information

Headquarters location 15 avenue du Centre
78286 St-Quentin-en-Yvelines Cedex
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  • Enforcement
  • Enforcement Management Solution
  • Mobility
  • On Street Parking Solutions
  • Parking Enforcement Management
  • Parking Enforcement Solutions
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart City Solutions
  • Smart Infrastructure Solutions
  • Smart Parking Management

Product information

Check out the Digital on-street parking enforcement brochure! 


Smart Mobility

We work collaboratively with governments, cities and players in the automotive industry to design, develop, implement and operate smart mobility projects at international scale. Our deep expertise from engineering to operations means we can offer end-to-end support and services across the entire lifecycle for road users and citizens.

Designing tomorrow’s transport, today.

Designing tomorrow’s transport, today.

Mobility design is undergoing radical changes – from the need to prepare for climate change to multimodal infrastructure and services.

As 'Mobility as a Service', low-carbon solutions, green mobility and people-friendly cities become more important, existing infrastructure and services need to be reshaped.

The right solution is different for every region, so we are able to define the most appropriate mobility services in your urban or interurban environment, by capitalising on Egis’ international footprint.

Our key areas of expertise:

  • Institutional & organisational support
  • Transport policy & planning
  • Modelling & transport economics
  • Traffic engineering & traffic management
  • Smart mobility systems & equipment
  • Electric Vehicle mobility services
  • Low Emission Zones & congestion charging
  • Speed enforcement
  • Urban tolling & free flow tolling
  • Smart parking & traffic management
  • Booking & payment technologies
  • Multimodal hubs
  • Hypervision & control centres

How we help

Our global experience in deploying smart mobility solutions means we can confidently deliver the most appropriate technology to meet your goals

Developing your vision.

There are a wide variety of transportation technologies available that can support your smart mobility initiative. Our consultants work closely with you to understand your vision and explore the possibilities new technology can deliver.

Designing and adapting systems to become ‘smart’.

Simulation and modelling help predict how smart systems will affect your infrastructure and inform how best to adapt it. We can then deploy smart mobility hardware across your existing network, from ANPR to autonomous vehicles. We can also work with you to introduce payment systems, data processing and traffic management technology.

Implementing, operating and integrating intelligent systems.

Besides implementing smart mobility technology, including tolling, LEZ enforcement or parking management, we also help you run it effectively. Our expertise in systems integration includes extensive experience in ongoing maintenance, back-office operations and customer care.

Services for end users.

We help your end users make the most of smart mobility systems. Whether it’s journey planning, booking and payment systems or customer support management, we help your end users get the most from the technology. We also provide data collection, data analysis and predictive modelling to help your users travel smarter.

Mobility & Urban Services

Drawing on our deep expertise in engineering and operations we can develop, integrate, and operate large payment collection and enforcement projects. Whether it’s on-street parking management, video and free-flow tolling, or city access control, we offer a personal service with innovative solutions aimed at decreasing traffic congestion and reducing carbon emissions and air pollution.

Mobility & Urban Services

A worldwide leader in Mobility & Urban solutions.

With a strong track record globally – and in 40 European cities – our teams can manage large, performance-based contracts based on complex requirements.

For example, we were the first firm to introduce and operate a city-wide automatic parking solution in Amsterdam – scanning more than 6 million vehicles per month.

Under the Moovia brand name, we are also managing parking enforcement in Paris, representing more than 1.4 million scanned vehicles per month.

Our key areas of expertise:

  • Project consulting
  • Procurement of technological solutions
  • Electronic payment & collection systems
  • Enforcement
  • Customer care management
  • Systems Operation & Maintenance
  • Speed enforcement
  • Data collection and management

How we help

On-street parking enforcement.

Our expertise covers payment, parking enforcement, claims management and data management for towns and cities of all sizes, including major conurbations. Across Paris and Amsterdam, we have implemented some of the most advanced parking systems in the world.

Tolling solutions.

As one of the market leaders in providing comprehensive service integration and back-office operations in turnkey systems, our video-tolling solution has been deployed to easily integrate with any existing toll system. Whether it’s ‘stop and go’ or full multi-lane free-flow, our system is designed to provide optimal security against toll revenue loss, operating in even the most inoperable of environments. We have implemented and operated video-tolling in France, Poland, Turkey, US and Canada, among others.

Speed enforcement.

We can help you design and implement speed enforcement projects using both static and moving radar speed cameras. We have operated Ireland’s national speed enforcement service, GoSafe, since 2010. This includes the deployment of vehicles with onboard speed cameras and data processing in a centralised back office. The system has demonstrated to improve safety and save lives each year.

Low emission zones.

Our teams can set up and operate end-to-end services for Clean Air Zone (CAZ) and Low Emission Zone (LEZ) projects. This includes managing enforcement with technologies such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, payment, claims and customer relationship services. In 2021, we were awarded a 5-and-a-half-year contract to deliver the UK’s largest CAZ.

Carpooling lanes.

We offer a full range of infrastructure, equipment and systems for carpooling. Our solutions also include enforcement technologies such as radar speed signs, automated carpool speed checks, and sanctions for offenders.

Urban cleanliness and safety.

By deploying ANPR and other artificial intelligence-based technologies, we are able to monitor road conditions, identify violations and enforce fines remotely. Our technologies can detect vehicle parking infringements, along with fixed and movable street objects, such as construction equipment, dumpsters and waste bins and street signs.

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