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2727 Santa Fe Place

Texas 77550


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2727 Santa Fe Place

Galveston , Texas 77550



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                       EZ Cruise Parking

EZ Cruise Parking is a family owned and operated Port of Galveston Cruise Parking provider located just two blocks from the Cruise Ship terminal entrance at 2727 Santa Fe Place, Galveston, TX 77550. EZ Cruise has several lots and provides a master elevated lot that is upwards of 3 ½ feet above street level. Additionally a seven (7) foot rod iron fence surrounds the lots and is topped off and secured with nearly a half mile of prime razor wire.

EZ Cruise Parking also has state-of-the-art surveillance cameras that are monitored and recorded for added security. A secure and safe cruise parking facility affords you the peace of mind to enjoy your exotic cruise knowing that your vehicle will be safe and secure while you’re gone. There are plenty of standard and oversize cruise parking spaces designed to accommodate almost any size vehicle ranging from small energy-efficient cars to much larger trucks and even oversized Sprinter vans. Oversized spaces are strategically placed and designed with our customers in mind.

EZ Cruise Parking also provides convenient Park and Walk lots that afford customers safe and secure auto protection along with the luxury of strolling by the historic Galveston Strand on their way into the Port of Galveston Cruise Terminal. These lots also offer customers the ability to take the shuttle along with their family/friends and luggage into the Port of Galveston Cruise Terminal.

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EZ Cruise Shuttle service provides seasoned experts that specialize in transportation logistics. Customer-centric and focused towards your priorities, our shuttle drivers constantly remind passengers the important reminders when leaving for their cruise of a lifetime such as the urgency of remembering:

  • Money, Wallets, Tickets
  • Passports, Cell Phones, Cameras
  • Sun Glasses, Sun Screen
  • Medicine, Make Up
  • Iphone, Ipad, Charger
  • Locking the doors, and putting windows up
  • Remembering Drop-off and Pick-up shuttle bus locations at the cruise terminal.

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Headquarters location 2727 Santa Fe Place
Texas 77550
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  • Cruise parking
  • EV Charging Solutions
  • Parking Operators
  • Shuttle Operations Management

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The shuttle services are included in the price, unless you chose to do the park and walk. Our shuttles run every thirty minutes, or as soon as they are full. The shuttles drop you, your family and your luggage off at the cruise terminal. The shuttles also pick you up when you come back from your cruise and takes you back to the lot you are parked in. They are also easy to identify from the other shuttles with an orange stripe down the side that says EZ Shuttle.



  • Protects your car from the salt air, grain elevator debris, and sulfur plant emissions.
  • Keeps the sun off your vehicle.
  • Keeps the interior of vehicle cooler.


If you would like to rent a car cover, please select the covered parking option when making your reservation, or ask the cashier upon arrival at the lot.




EZ Cruise Parking is proud to announce that we now have a total of six (6) Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations dedicated to our cruise parking customers described below:

  • Two (2) Tesla chargers as an embassador of Tesla’s Destination Charging Network.
  • Two (2) Non-Tesla charging stations suitable for Electric Vehicles (EV) visiting our Galveston Island Cruise Parking facility.
  • Two (2) additional 250 AMP charging plugs for additional Electric Vehicles (EV).




We are pleased to offer this complimentary service by the Port of Galveston to all of our Official Cruise Parking customers and look forward to aggressively growing this Electric Vehicle (EV) service with additional charging stations. These dedicated Electric Vehicle (EV) parking stations are isolated and reserved exclusively for electric vehicles and their charging needs while cruising out of the Port of Galveston cruise terminal. The unwavering feedback we have received from countless Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Disney cruise parking Electric Vehicle (EV) customers has been staggering and we look forward to continued partnerships and growth with not only our Galveston, TX cruise lines but with the Electric Vehicle (EV) market that is taking the automotive industry by storm.





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