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Fleischhauer is one of the leading European manufacturers of tickets, cards and RFID products for identification and access control systems. Specialized know-how in material converting, decades of experience in identification technologies and a core competency in personalization enable reliable products for demanding applications.

Certificates in the fields of quality, security and environment confirm comprehensive efforts to provide our customers in more than 50 countries worldwide with quality products, that comply with high security and environmental standards.

Fleischhauer runs two production facilities in Western Germany, that combine highly-productive capacities, innovate product development, modern printing technology and - last but not least - the enthusiasm of a motivated and qualified team.

With its specialization and long lasting experience, Fleischhauer has become a worldwide respected partner for challenging ticketing and identification products. Tickets and cards “made by Fleischhauer” allow millions of people every day a quick and secure access to mass transportation systems and car parks as well as to fairs, swimming pools and theme parks.

The combination of print products and information transfer has been at the core of Fleischhauer since its foundation in 1869. As printing company for newspapers in its first decades, Fleischhauer dealt with the state-of-the-art communication medium at that time. Later Fleischhauer was one of the first European companies that started to produce punch hole cards – the first machine readable data carrier.

In the end of the 1960s, Fleischhauer produced the first tickets with magnetic stripes for mass transportation systems. Since today, magnetic tickets are used around the world in car parking, toll and transportation systems.

Fleischhauer is the preferred development partner for leading equipment manufacturers. The production of flexible RFID-products for mass transit, access control and identification underscores our mission as being the “first mover in ticketing and identification”. 

As a company of the Halbach Group Fleischhauer is part of a family business with a tradition of more than 175 years. With two production facilities in Western Germany, subsidiaries in Germany and abroad and more than 300 employees the Halbach Group is one of Europe´s largest ticket manufacturers.

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Headquarters location Fleischhauer Datentraeger GmbH Forellstr. 120
NRW 44653
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Tickets produced with clean solar energy

Fleischhauer contributes to climate protection in 2021 by using regenerative clean solar energy to a total of 250,000 kilowatt hours per year from its own photovoltaic installations. "This corresponds to the energy demand of 50 single-family homes," says Philipp Halbach, General Manager. The two production facilities in Herne and Schwerte are equipped with a total of 3000 photovoltaic modules. This means that Fleischhauer Datenträger is able to cover a significant proportion of the energy required for the production of car park tickets with clean solar energy.

Fleischhauer regards the generation of regenerative energy as being an integral element of an environmental program that combines the consistent recycling of production waste with efficient energy management and use of paper from sustainable forest management.

Philipp Halbach attributes the importance attached to sustainability to the long-term planning horizon of the family-owned company: "We are grateful for more than 185 years of our family-owned business. Like the five generations before us, we are still keen to develop state-of-the-art solutions to meet the expectations of our customers. This also includes investments to improve the ecological performance of our manufacturing processes."


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  • Chip Cards
  • Magnetic Tickets
  • Pay and Display Tickets
  • PVC Cards
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Product information


Car Park Tickets Car Park Tickets

Fleischhauer produces car park tickets for all systems available in the industry. As development partner of leading equipment manufacturer, Fleischhauer is the specialist for reliable functionality and brilliant print quality.

The experience of more than 40 years in the production of magnetic tickets has made Fleischhauer a worldwide accepted partner for car park ticket applications.

Fleischhauer is the preferred development partner of the leading equipment manufacturers. With an inhouse material laboratory Fleischhauer ensures constantly high product quality.

Systems: Scheidt & Bachmann PMS/S, Scheidt & Bachmann PMS/B, Scheidt & Bachmann PMS/M, Skidata TK 400, TK 450, Skidata TKC 450, Skidata TK Unlimited, Skidata TKC Unlimited, Designa PM Abacus, Designa Slimpark, Elkon, ACS, Thales, Parkeon, Federal APD, Bebarmatic, Asytec, Zeag etc.

Car park tickets for Skidata, Scheidt & Bachmann, Designa, Amano, ACS, Federal APD etc.

Pay and Display Tickets Pay and Display Tickets

A print capacity of 8 colour offset printing machines allows both economically attractive conditions and high print quality. Demanding climate conditions require special competence in thermal paper converting.

Depending on the system requirements Fleischhauer provides a range of different thermal papers. The materials differ in thickness and resistance against environment influences like softener, humidity and UV.

Systems: Parkeon Stelio, Parkeon Strada, Parkeon DG 4.1, Parkeon DG 4.2, Siemens Sity, Hermann, Cale, WPS etc.

Consumables for Car Parking Consumables

As a leading specialist in thermal paper products Fleischhauer provides the full range of receipts and thermal paper rolls for car parking systems, including Scheidt & Bachmann, Skidata, Designa etc.


Magnetic Tickets Magnetic Tickets

With experience and market presence of many decades, Fleischhauer has become a leading European manufacturer of tickets for automated identification and access control systems.

Fleischhauer magnetic tickets run in more than 50 countries in fare collection, car parking and toll systems: As fanfolded ticket with magnetic tape, as slurry-ticket on roll or as single ticket with individual magnetic encoding. Fleischhauer is the specialist manufacturer for demanding magnetic ticket products.

Barcode Tickets

Producing barcoded tickets for access control systems requires comprehensive mastery in printing and converting of thermal papers. As company of the Halbach Group, Fleischhauer can draw on the expertise of one of Europe’s largest converter of thermal paper.


We monitor the paper´s decisive properties like static and dynamic sensitivity, printability and surface texture and quality in our own laboratory with the complete set of analytic appliances.

It is this unique competence in analysing and processing of thermal paper that has made Fleischhauer a preferred partner of system operators and OEMs.

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