Smart Parking Surveillance System by Adaptive Recognition Allows Security Company to Multiply Income

A North American Security Company Saw Incomes Soar After Implementing a Smart Parking System Featuring Our Mobile ANPR/LPR Cameras

Enter an automatic LPR system featuring Adaptive Recognition’s MicroCAM mobile smart cameras

Parking enforcement entities often conduct patrols in large parking lots or long stretches of on-street parking areas that are too large to efficiently cover on foot and using traditional vehicle tracking methods like chalking. Even manual-entry applications based on license plate logging can lead to improper citation disputes due to human typing errors, not to mention the slow speed of manual entry that is essential for cost-effective enforcement. Increased speed and efficiency means increased revenues.

The Solution

Enter an automatic LPR system featuring Adaptive Recognition’s MicroCAM mobile smart cameras with on-board LPR. Installed on the car’s trunk (or optionally on the front hood), the cameras automatically detect vehicles and read license plates as the security officer drives around at a normal and safe speed. There is no need for the officer to manually capture license plates or even get out of their car. Let the numbers do the talking:

  • Manual entry – 300 plates read/day on average
  • Mobile ANPR/LPR – 18,000 plates read/day on average

MicroCAM cameras feed output data in real-time to populate a parking databaseSmart Parking Apps successfully developed a custom parking management system using MicroCAM cameras that feed output data in real-time to populate a parking database. Sophisticated application features facilitate automatic infraction detection, and also allow administrators to easily input staff license plates that should be excluded from enforcement. A clean and user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to process infractions accurately and to run analytics and searches from the database. Parking operator professionals thoroughly understand how huge it is to be able to rely on this type of automation in order to maximize efficiency and reduce unnecessary disputes and administrative processing.

The speed and accuracy of MicroCAM models serve an important role in making sure that officers can issue proper citations to more violators than ever before. As a result, Response Safety Security and Investigations was able to increase parking violation revenues threefold, making this solution an excellent choice for many similar deployment types from commercial parking facilities to municipal on-street parking, as well as gated community projects.

System Overview

Watch the video below to get an idea of how the system works:


About Adaptive Recognition

Adaptive RecognitionAdaptive Recognition is a group of creative minds, developing and manufacturing AI-based image processing technology, for the traffic, security, and identity industries. 

Adaptive Recognition's first major successes came with our globally market-leading Carmen® ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) product, which is capable of automatically recognizing and reading images of car license plates. This was followed by introducing various standardized codes, which are used, among other things, in shipping or printed on ID documents like passports. 

The small startup transformed into a professional international company with locations in Denmark, the USA, Asia-Pacific, Central-Europe, and Singapore, with 300+ employees and 30+ representative partners worldwide.


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