Airports Go Green

The pressure for airports to implement more eco-friendly measures is increasing and such acts of corporate social responsibility have been proven to yield financial as well as competitive advantages. Not only does the responsibility of greener methods create a greater message to customers, it’s also an opportunity for new business developments within future airport plans.

The airport pre book car parking facilities driven by AeroParker have certainly considered eco-friendly approaches to their systems. By providing designated spaces for airport passengers to park their cars on arrival, this reduces car park circulation and the time in which it takes to find free bays. Ensuring cars are no longer driving around airport car parks for longer than necessary cuts the risk of pollution caused by car fumes as well as increase customer satisfaction. The bus services utilised by airport car parks also means it takes just one journey for multiple people to get to their destination, much like the idea of car sharing, this reduces traffic and again the amount of CO2 emitted by what would have been a number of vehicles.

Car washing has also seen a great new renovation at a range of airport car parking facilities launched by Hertz this year. The car rental company have generated a nontoxic, water-less and bio degradable substance to clean any vehicle in just a matter of minutes. By doing so, Hertz have cut costs and are working towards helping the environment as well a solution to waste. This new solution is saving 130 million gallons of water annually and customers have been expressing their happiness towards the idea which in turn proves a positive change in airport direction.

Although airports are clearly not the main culprits for carbon emissions and damage to the environment, as around two-thirds of these problems come direct from aircrafts themselves, they are adamant that many aspects need to be considered in the ever demanding climate change.

The National Air Traffic Services has forecast that UK air traffic will increase by 45% by 2015 which will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the environment. Despite airports complying with environmental issues such as incorporating glass walls for natural light, using recycled building materials, soundproofing nearby homes and utilising natural gas fuelling stations for years, these procedures are now deemed as standard therefore new measures are already being looked upon in order to continuously improve.

From an airport revenue perspective, the rise in fuel costs is a significant reason for them to adopt energy saving methods and the development of new technology is certainly helping them do so. Social awareness also plays a huge part in driving the need for ‘greener’ airport methods as it is fast becoming a great demand from many airport customers.

A lot of airports are including green practices in their business plans and considering the environmental issues surrounding each service they provide for travellers. AeroParker are proudly working alongside a number of these including Manchester Airport whose goal is to become ‘one of Europe’s leading airports in managing and caring for the environment.’

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AeroParker is trusted online and mobile software offering airports a channel to significantly increase non aeronautical revenues through prebook parking and ancillary sales as well as a simple way to capture data for customer relationship development and commercial gain. The software has been written and is wholly owned by KMP Associates Limited t/a KMP Digitata. It has been in service for 10 years and is currently serving 5 UK airports and several white label parking products for airlines including Monarch and BMI Baby.


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