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Chapel Studios, 47-49 Waterloo Road

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AeroParker is a proven car parking and ancillary pre-book and pay e-commerce system which increases non-aeronautical revenue whilst collecting customer data. Already a trusted mobile and online software business within the airport industry, AeroParker have been delivering fantastic digital marketing and increased revenue results to a number of small and large airports including Manchester, Humberside, East Midlands, Aberdeen, Leeds Bradford, and Bournemouth for over 14 years.

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Our Aim

AeroParker aim to offer airports the simplest solution to increasing non-aeronautical revenue and customer knowledge for future commercial gain. Designed with a user-centric approach, the AeroParker system makes it as easy as possible for airport customers to purchase any third-party ancillary and for your airport to help them do so. Our vision is to offer easily administered online and mobile e-commerce systems that help spot opportunities and continue to deliver successful results from day one.

Why AeroParker?

The AeroParker team are on hand 24/7 to support administrators with all aspects of the system. Offering a digital marketing service as well as assistance in matters such as email marketing and in-depth analysis, we offer much more than any other pre-book system provider. With results that show increased bookings and revenue year on year for a number of UK airports the system is proven low risk and easily integrated directly onto an airport site. Regularly tested to learn the pain points of the live booking process, AeroParker can guarantee conversions, convenience, and better customer experience.

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Our People

Jon Keefe

Jon Keefe is the CEO of KMP Digitata with over 20 years of experience in business development, digital marketing, and management. As a highly motivated entrepreneur within the travel industry, Jon Keefe has subsequently developed AeroParker which is currently increasing non-aeronautical revenues to large airports within the UK.

Darren Payne

Darren Payne is AeroParker’s non-executive director and has various expertise within the airport parking industry, as well as yield management at Gatwick airport. He has been delivering revenue benefits and cost savings at a strategic level across a number of companies including AirPortr.

Andrew Cornish

Andrew Cornish is AeroParker’s non-executive director who has experience within the role of managing director at Manchester airport, planning business strategies and new business developments. He has a vast knowledge of airport operations as well as the expertise to transform and improve a brand.

Rhodri Edwards

Rhodri Edwards is AeroParker’s client services director who has particular expertise in technology and managing bespoke web application developments. He manages projects in particular where important elements depend on the understanding of technical architecture. Supporting his main client, Manchester Airport Groups, Rhodri has experience within the airport industry and increasing web usability.

Alan Daring

Alan Daring is AeroParker’s project development manager who has worked for a number of years developing digital and marketing strategies for a variety of clients within the travel industry. He is currently generating creative ideas derived from numerical data to increase revenue for airports across the UK.

Rod Hyde

Rod Hyde is AeroParker’s non-executive director and an experienced digital marketer working within a wide range of industries. His major roles involve working with companies experiencing rapid change and new start-up businesses to develop successful strategies and control online advertising.


  • We offer 24/7 digital support
  • Our system is PCI compliant and compatible with all mobile and tablet devices
  • We conduct regular user-testing
  • Our system has been designed to create the most simple process for your customer
  • We will collect customer data for your future commercial gain
  • We have worked with both large and small airports for over 14 years
  • Our solutions are completely flexible depending on the size of your airport
  • AeroParker is integrated easily onto any system
  • We enhance the customer experience for your airport
  • We have an expert team with excellent airport IT sector knowledge
  • We offer support with in-depth analysis, email marketing, strategic planning, etc.
  • Our system allows you to easily administer any changes throughout the year
  • We have delivered great results for every airport we’ve worked alongside
  • We guarantee you won’t have to pay for anything that doesn’t add value to your business
  • We deliver fantastic ROI for all our clients
  • We will understand the specific needs of your airport
  • We will reduce your reliance on third-party ancillaries

Company information

Headquarters location Chapel Studios, 47-49 Waterloo Road
Greater Manchester SK1 3BJ
United Kingdom
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Jon Keefe

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  • Booking Data Analysis
  • Consulting Services
  • Creation of Ancillary Revenue
  • Parking Solutions
  • Reservation / Pre-Booking Systems
  • Revenue and Yield Management
  • Revenue Control
  • Web Design and Development

Product information


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With three simple yet effective plans to choose from, AeroParker ensures that we are able to deliver the product and service that best suits the specific requirements of your size airport.

AeroParker is a multi-channel solution offering pre-book parking and ancillary sales whilst improving customer relationships. The AeroParker Pro, AeroParker Lite, and AeroParker WS systems can all be adapted depending on your business needs and services.

AeroParker Pro

AeroParker Pro has been designed to meet the unique requirements of any size airport, but in particular, the larger airports that wish to include a variety of services such as airport parking, fast-track customs, and lounge passes in one compact system. The package is a fully featured, flexible development that can be modified to suit an airport's exact requests.

AeroParker Lite

AeroParker Lite has been designed to meet the unique requirements of smaller airports. There is the option to choose varying modules and design the perfect package that will provide you with exactly what you want, without having to pay for anything that doesn’t add value to your business.

AeroParker WS

AeroParker WS has been developed for airports that are happy with their front-end system and customer experience and therefore only require web services to connect them to a booking engine.

Key Features

  • Flexible control of promotions, ancillary products, and pricing
  • The ability for administrators to create their own white label sites, email templates, content, and images
  • Advanced specially branded front-end interface
  • Seamless integration into your website and with 3rd party systems including all major barrier operators
  • Comprehensive reporting including customer insights
  • Two-way barrier integration
  • Integrated CRM and email broadcasting
  • AWS cloud hosted
  • Advanced revenue management
  • Block parking
  • Call center and agency platforms
  • Yield management
  • Cost-effective solution for all sizes of airport
  • 24/7 support and a dedicated hotline
  • Option packs
  • PCI compliant
  • Proven ROI

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