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AeroParker has always had a clear understanding of the specific needs and expectations of airport passengers when it comes to pre booking parking and ancillaries, but what about resellers of an airport’s parking? Let’s look at travel agents, what do they need? And what are the airports needs in this partnership?

To begin with a Travel Agent wants to be able to work with the airport no matter if they are an independent with one or two shops or a nationwide chain. Usually, the Travel Agent is under much greater time pressure to make bookings than the passenger to ensure that the throughput of successful bookings via the Travel Agency is maximised. The Agent requires the ability to manage any booking for the customer once it has been made by the Agent. Indeed the airport, who’s parking the Agent has sold, will definitely want the Travel Agent to be the first line support for any bookings made via the Travel Agent. The Agent will want to be able to separate the commercial transaction from the booking to the customer so that parking could be seen as a free add-on to their holiday or flight for the customer.  However, a documented “behind the scenes” commercial transaction between the Agent and the airport still needs to occur. The Agent will also therefore want to be able to send to the customer a price-free booking confirmation.

Alternatively, the airport will want the ability to control the contractual relationship with the Agent and set the commercial terms between the two parties. The airport will also want to manage what the Travel Agent can do with bookings themselves. For example the Airport will want to set controls to allow refunds or not and discounted prices or even allocate special products to particular agents. The airport will also want the facility to reconcile all Travel Agent invoices against bookings to ensure that Agents are paid the correct commissions for the fulfilled bookings they claim they have made.

The AeroParker Agent platform does all this and more. It is really simple to use, fast and with functionality optimised for Travel Agents. And what’s more, AeroParker offers this to airports as a standard part of its core system.  

This solution enables busy travel agents to provide their customers with additional options such as parking and ancillaries such as fast-track or a lounge before they travel. Also, it provides dependable forecasts and reports allowing visibility of performance while giving airports the security of being in control of the bookings being made on their behalf.

It makes commercial sense to incorporate further pre-book sales channels as it’s an integral part of the travel experience and a natural add-on to any flight booking. As a result, airports can increase non-aeronautical revenues through AeroParker’s feature rich high optimise Agent platform.

AeroParker is AWS cloud-hosted and has served airport clients since 2000, and currently handles millions of transactions per annum under independently verified Level 1 PCI compliancy. AeroParker’s airport customers include airports and ports in the UK, Europe, and the United States.

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AeroParker is the ecommerce platform for airports. It is AWS cloud-hosted and has been serving airport clients since 2000 and currently handles millions of transactions per annum under independently verified level 1 PCI compliancy. AeroParker’s airport customers include airports and ports in the UK, Europe and the United States.


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