The Importance of Yield Management for Airport Parking and Ancillary

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Yield management is the process of monitoring consumer behaviour to achieve the maximum amount of profit. For airlines, the method of collecting customer information is as easy as receiving a single flight booking. This booking requires passengers to give the airlines access to all their details such as name, address, contact number, email and lots more, whereby they can then use these to contact passengers in the future and generate opportunities for future revenue. It is important therefore that airports develop the same opportunities through their own websites. Offering ancillary products such as airport car parking, fast track security and lounge passes has been proven the best way to do this.

Sophisticated yield management doesn’t have to be difficult to administer. Airports who are able to offer passengers the best deals and control the pricing of their services will always have an advantage in terms of revenue and profit over those who don’t. Offering the products and services direct from the airport website, reduces reliance on third party companies, enhances the passenger experience through much simpler booking processes and allows you to then collect customer details. Spotting trends, buying patterns and getting to know the passengers will undoubtedly allow the airport to deliver a better service and increase non-aeronautical revenue by delivering desirable services to new as well as existing customers.

Pre book systems are often developed to deliver a simple process for customers to book their ancillary products. Usability is key, as lengthy and confusing processes will lead to a loss in sales and unhappy passengers. If a customer is happy with the service, they are much more likely to use the service again. It is therefore important that back end administration is also very much considered. Booking systems must be kept simple for the airport administrators to control and deliver the best service possible. If administrators are unable to control and evaluate the cross selling of their products and services, then spotting new opportunities will be near enough impossible.

AeroParker’s system combines easy administration with sophisticated yield management for airport car parking an ancillary products. It enables any size airport to analyse all parking data from a single dashboard and schedule reports for distribution. AeroParker allows you to change prices, promotions, as well as create email campaigns to market these. The system understands occupancy by the hour, ensuring no opportunities are missed and increasing non aeronautical revenue through repeat bookings from happy customers.

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AeroParker is trusted online and mobile software offering airports a channel to significantly increase non aeronautical revenues through prebook parking and ancillary sales as well as a simple way to capture data for customer relationship development and commercial gain. The software has been written and is wholly owned by KMP Associates Limited t/a KMP Digitata. It has been in service for 10 years and is currently serving 5 UK airports and several white label parking products for airlines including Monarch and BMI Baby.


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