Asura Technologies Offers Digital Chalking to Support Parking Enforcement Efforts

With Digital Chalking enforcement officers no longer need to make physical contact with a vehicle.

Asura Technologies has released digital chalking, a new feature for its mobile LPR solution (ARU Move) which provides a great solution to support on-street parking enforcement operations. Physical contact with the vehicle is no longer a problem as it is fully eliminated from the process and replaced by license plate recognition and GPS location tagging. 

Huge areas may be covered by enforcement officers as digital chalking is designed to be an on-board solution for enforcement vehicles. ARU Move and digital chalking can be easily integrated into any enforcement solution and works with a selection of cameras.

Screenshot shows on-street parking and aerial street map.

Features of Asura’s Digital Chalking Solution:

Chalk Vehicles without Physical Contact

The advantage of having Automatic License Plate Recognition as the basis of chalking is that officers only need to drive around the parking zones for the software to handle plate matching and identifying over-staying vehicles.Digital chalking map of a city


The solution is designed to help enforcement officers decide if a vehicle is still in the same location and store evidence for the case of a citation dispute. All vehicle entries contain the license plate number, timestamp, GPS location and picture of the vehicle.

Automatic Alerts

An automatic alert is sent to the operator if a vehicle’s license plate is read multiple times inside the same parking zone exceeding the maximum waiting time.

Easy Database Handling

Results can be sorted, listed or filtered based on any aspects of parking, including date, license plate number, parking zone or time.

Real-time Mapping

All events are mapped real-time and location along with additional parking data are saved for future reference.


The chalking feature along with the mobile ALPR (ARU MOVE) solution is available as OEM. Like all Asura software ARU MOVE with the digital chalking, feature is easy to integrate into any parking enforcement system.

About Asura Technologies 

Asura Technologies is the new generation LPR and video analytics company creating easy to integrate, camera agnostic data collection systems. Our LPR- and video analytics-based vehicle recognition technology is used for parking- and traffic management applications as well as general security and surveillance.

The company’s vehicle recognition solution handles all aspects of the integration through the application package: connecting to visual data collection devices, OCR/video analytics, and data management.

Asura Technologies made its debut with the Asura Recognition Unit (ARU) Plug and Play LPR in 2017 delivering an easy-to-integrate, flexible solution. ARU earned a quick recognition of the traffic management industry exemplified by integration with major parking management systems and earned a Special Mention at the 2018 Intertraffic Innovation Awards.


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