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Asura Technologies is the new generation video analytics company creating easy to integrate, camera agnostic data collection systems based on LPR and vehicle recognition technology for the parking, traffic management and security industries. The Asura Recognition Unit (ARU) is a video analytics system developed by Asura Technologies. ARU operates plug and play connecting to any image source and storing event data automatically in a database. The software is also capable of pushing all information to connected applications. ARU recognizes, analyses and sorts visual information found on the processed footage for traffic, vehicle analytics, and security systems. ARU was a Special Mention at the 2018 Intertraffic Innovation Awards.

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Headquarters location Rokolya Utca 1-13. Building D, Room 101
1131 Budapest
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Parking Services Overview

Minimal Integration – Maximized Income

Asura delivers quick and cost-effective parking operation automation with its ALPR and video analytics technology. Our solutions are designed to be easily integrated with any parking operation. The system is camera agnostic – working with any IP camera and comes with built-in database management and smart data export options.

Why Choose Asura for Parking Projects?

  • 98+% vehicle recognition based on the license plate and vehicle information
  • Asura’s mobile vehicle recognition solution works using the footage of cameras mounted on cars or other moving vehicles/objects, providing an effective solution for enforcement
  • Payment service is available through integration with leading parking management solutions

Designed for Cost-Efficient Integration

  • Upgrade your parking operation with ALPR fast and cost-efficiently. ARU is designed for easy integration into any parking system. The software is camera agnostic, so it works seamlessly with existing cameras on your parking site.

Increased Income and Better Customer Experience

  • Increase your parking revenue with high-efficiency enforcement using highly reliable vehicle reference data and enhanced customer experience through automation.

Built-in Access Control

  • Use the same interface to set up the LPR operation, create vehicle lists and allow or deny access based on LP information. Eliminate the need for cards or tokens used for access control by switching to LPR-based access.

Frictionless Parking Enforcement

Asura Technologies provides an ALPR-based system to monitor parking payments. Incoming and leaving vehicles are registered by their license plates along with entry and exit times. The system matches the parking time with the payment data, automatically retrieved from the payment kiosk and other payment solutions associated with the parking sites. Asura Technologies delivers cost-effective parking enforcement automation with its ALPR and video analytics technology; a precise and comprehensive alternative to manual parking enforcement.

Where do we recommend using contactless parking enforcement?

Contactless parking enforcement is ideal for off-street car parks, where owners do not want to install barriers, or investing in a parking management system is simply too costly.

ALPR-Based Access Control

The vehicle access control module of ARU works on license plate recognition, make and model or driver face recognition basis. The extension has been created to set up automatic vehicle access control for any site, be it a restricted access compound or a smaller scale parking lot. With the extension installed you can set up black-, white- or custom vehicle lists of stored vehicles, apply custom rule sets for your vehicle lists, create custom time frames for access rules, and connect your gate to the module, allowing automatic operation of the device according to the access rules.

Occupancy Monitoring

Parking space occupancy detection is a video analytics tool useful for parking managers to get real-time information on the availability of each parking spot on their premises. The software can monitor 3-4 parking spaces using a single camera’s footage and return the license plate number of the parking vehicle. The exact number of monitored parking spaces depends on the site layout, location, and the camera setup. A grace period may be set for occupancy detection to eliminate the errors arising from random objects blocking the camera view temporarily. The system saves vehicle entry and exit times and pictures of the events to the database for reference.

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