Asura Technologies Showcase Latest Developments

Asura Technologies Showcase Latest Developments

Asura Technologies was exhibiting at the 2018 NPA Convention & Expo in Las Vegas where the LPR and video analytics company showcased their latest developments: the make and model recognition extension to ARU LPR (Asura MMR), a brand new mobile LPR application - ARU Move, and a smart access control extension to ARU plug and play LPR, ARU ACE.

Mobile LPR - ARU Move

ARU Move is Asura’s most recent development, aimed at providing a highly effective solution for supporting the on- and off-street parking enforcement efforts. The system is optimized for identifying vehicles while on the move processing the image stream of cameras mounted on a car or other moving vehicles. ARU Move is operational within minutes as it is using the same intuitive user interface, advanced video analytics and automatized data management features as ARU Plug and Play. ARU Move can be used in various fields of parking and law enforcement beside on- and off-street parking like event parking or mobile law- and traffic enforcement.

ARU ACE - Access Control Extension for Parking Operations

ARU ACE is a plug and play access control solution with full LPR integration for parking and security applications. With ARU ACE you can easily set up automatic vehicle access control for your site by identifying and approving entry or exit events for vehicles. ARU ACE includes all the advanced database management features of ARU plug and play so it is easy to operate sites with barrier-based or barrier-less access control by setting your access rules for custom vehicle lists managed via the intuitive UI of ARU. Operators will raise the security and efficiency of their operations by leveraging on ARU ACES’s seamless fitting of smart LPR and access control features and secure restricted sites with less manpower by automatizing access control and setting-up custom alarms for events like approaching vehicles.

About Asura Technologies 

Asura Technologies is the new generation video analytics company creating easy to integrate, camera agnostic data collection systems based on LPR and vehicle recognition technology for the parking, traffic management and security industries. The Asura Recognition Unit (ARU) is a video analytics system developed by Asura Technologies. ARU operates plug and play connecting to any image source and storing event data automatically in a database. The software is also capable of pushing all information to connected applications. ARU recognizes, analyses and sorts visual information found on the processed footage for traffic-, vehicle analytics- and security systems. ARU was a Special Mention at the 2018 Intertraffic Innovation Awards.


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