Autopay Delivers Future-Proof Parking Technology at Oslo Airport

- Oslo, Norway
Autopay Delivers Future-Proof Parking Technology at Oslo Airport

Oslo Airport (OSL) may be the most experienced parking systems purchaser in the world. In their latest tender all major players delivered bids, but Autopay, and operations partner Onepark, came again out on top, with maximum scores for quality and surpassing the competition both in technology and operational know-how.

It has already been several years since Autopay replaced barriers with free-flow automatic number plate recognition technology at OSL. Covering more than 20 different parking zones with 23.000 parking spaces, and ensuring smooth operations across short- and long-term parking, pre-booking, drop off zones and valet services.

OSL embraces Autopay again in competition with all other major providers of parking systems. Upon renewal of the contract OSL is taking the next steps in their parking operations together with Autopay. This includes adopting Autopays AI based dynamic pricing engine for all parking as well as Autopays fully integrated EV charging concepts.

OSL is set to become the most technology forward Airport Parking Operation in the world - using proven and robust technology to enhance their operation.

Autopay has been running without fault for years, and now it is time to introduce new expansions to the existing solutions:

  • Autopay - ANPR parking management suite
  • Autopay - Staff Permit Management Integration with Time Bank permits
  • Autopay - AI based dynamic pricing engine
  • Autopay - Seamless EV-charging concepts
  • Autopay - ADVAM booking integration

Electric vehicles demand next level charging solutions

Norway has a large fleet of EVs, with more than 65% of all new cars sold being fully electric and OSL is Norway's largest charging facility.

Autopay's unique and customer-friendly electric vehicle (EV)-charging concepts were key components in the solution chosen by OSL as Autopay provides a contactless, touch-free and more convenient way to pay for destination EV charging.

AI based Dynamic Pricing

In connection with the contract renewal OSL will also be implementing a new Dynamic Pricing Engine. Autopay Technologies has developed this technology over several years with the help of an experienced team within the field of Revenue Management and AI based prediction algorithms.

Autopay will offer a fully integrated dynamic pricing engine that generates demand based tariffs in real-time based on several data sources. What makes the solution even more unique is its ability to give accurate forecast predictions as well as fully optimizing both roll-up and booking prices.

Digital administration and data driven decision making

The Autopay Parking Management Suite has been built in close cooperation with experienced parking operators, such as OSL operations partner Onepark, ensuring operational efficiency as well as the latest technological advancements when it comes to pro-active alerts and monitoring solutions.

After OSL replaced the old fashioned barrier systems with Autopay, service costs have been reduced considerably, with fewer staff members needed on premise. The shift from managing physical equipment to digital management has resulted in better data which in turn enables smarter data-driven decisions.

Integrated booking engine

Autopay partners with market-leading partners in various segments of the parking industry. Advam is one such partner. Advam hosts Avinor's (OSLs owner) booking engine. Autopay’s unique integrations and strategic partnership with Advam gives Avinor seamless integration processes.

Convenient parking is the future

For decades, there has been little change in how people park and how the operators handle their business. Knowing the opportunities built into today's technology, operators and travelers will demand new solutions.

OSL has found the answer in Autopay. A world-leading free-flowing parking experience built for efficient parking operations with customer self service at its core.

At Oslo Airport, Autopay's technology has been tried and tested and is a proven operations platform that handles large scale car parks while at the same time creating a smoother experience for both visitors and operators. The system is built on the latest technology to ensure world-class stability and reliability.

Autopay is delivering this customer experience across more than 280 facilities in 7 countries and has more than 1 million registered users who all enjoy a customer friendly parking experience. Proving to be the most reliable and scalable platform on the market, a key requirement for Airports managing thousands of travelers each year.


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