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Autopay is a free-flow ANPR PARCS (Parking Access Revenue Control) system that digitizes all aspects of parking, delivering a frictionless, no-hassle parking solution for customers, and parking facility owners. In 2018 Autopay was live in eight countries with over 100 locations and handled over 27 million parking sessions. 

Company information

Headquarters location Strandgata 19
0152 Oslo
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Indigo Parking Groupe. Operations in eight countries with the Onepark and Europark brands.

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Recent projects

Oslo Airport (Norway)
  • Free-flow ANPR across 11 parking areas
  • 26,000 parking spots
  • Custom integration for employee permit management
  • Booking engine integration
  • Kiss & Fly time enforcement
Mall of Scandinavia (Sweden)
  • 3,700 parking spots
  • Scandinavia's biggest shopping center
  • Replaced existing ANPR system due to Autopay's superior quality
  • 4,600 parking spots
  • Large expo hall outside Helsinki


  • Data Processing
  • License Plate Inventory
  • License Plate Recognition
  • License Plate Recognition Systems
  • License Plate Recognition Systems
  • LPR Cameras
  • Number Plate Recognition
  • Number Plate Recognition Systems
  • Parking Management Solutions
  • Payment solutions

Product information

Autopay is a fully autonomous ANPR free-flow parking revenue management system built for creating a seamless customer experience. All aspects of parking are digitized and connected to Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) with a layer of AI designed to help optimize growth, customer engagement, and revenue, whilst allowing remote management, system integrations, and real-time data insights.

Autopay is an industry-leading ANPR solution with functionality ideal for corporate office parking management, shopping center parking, airport parking, and traditional indoor or outdoor parking lots.

Man holding smartphone displaying Autopay app

Corporate Office Parking Management

Take full control over your parking spaces and get rid of parking fines. Regardless of whether your parking spaces are divided between employees, guests, customer parking lots, or all mixed together. You are in control over what license plates are allowed in which area. Register guests at the reception or charge them for their parking with our fully automated and user-friendly system.

Shopping Center Parking Spaces

Say goodbye to fines and say hello to increased revenue in your shops, stop greeting your customers with barriers and start greeting them with the latest parking technology. Our system registers each entry and the car owner is automatically debited for their exact length of stay. Do you want to give them the first hour for free? No problem. You set the rules – we enforce them without the need for parking tickets. Last but not least, by digitizing all parking sessions, we collect vital consumer data automatically and know where your customers are coming from and how they are using your shopping center.

Parking Lots

Manage your short-term and long-term parking guests with Autopay. Get real-time data and full control over your spaces. Charge different rates in different zones or levels of your car park automatically, instantaneously, and without parking fines.

Airport Parking

We deliver the most comprehensive parking system for airports in the market. Combining our industry-leading hardware and software we tailor the solutions to your needs with or without barriers. Pre-book online, increase ancillary revenues and keep track of your passengers and communicate relevancy throughout the customer journey.

Woman holding a tablet displaying the Autopay Dashboard

Extra Parking Services

Real-time Parking Data

Use the multi-platform web dashboards to optimize your parking revenue, keep track of real-time income, monitor available occupancy, and review historical data. Autopay offers an interactive portal packed with readily available statistics related to parking activities, as well as heat maps with data insights about your customers.

Loyalty Program Integration

Reward loyal customers by integrating your existing loyalty program with autopay through standardized APIs.

Send SMS to Customers

Communicate directly with customers through SMS at entry or exit.

Fleet Parking Management

Autopay handles fleet parking, letting customers optimize the use of permits. One permit can be tied to several vehicles, yet only the first vehicle to enter makes use of the permit.

Parking Validation

Distribute tablets to enable tenants to validate parking for customers. The system bills tenants accordingly.

Digital Permit Management

All permits are handled online, meaning an end to the physical distribution of key cards and other tokens.

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