Autopay: Redefining Parking Solutions For Large Scale Operations

At Autopay, we stand at the forefront of parking management innovation, seamlessly merging the present with the future.

At Autopay, we stand at the forefront of parking management innovation, seamlessly merging the present with the future. Our platform isn't just tailored for today's requirements, but a visionary solution, scalable by design. What sets Autopay apart from systems is our remarkably low startup costs, minimal hardware requirements, and the ability to scale operations without significant additional investment. Whether managing a single large facility or a network of parking spaces, our system grows with your business, offering control of multiple sites from one integrated platform.

Choosing Autopay means entering a partnership that aligns with your operational goals. This article delves into how Autopay's cost-effective, scalable system bridges today's operational demands with tomorrow's opportunities, paving the path towards increased profits and business growth for large scale operators.

Redefining the Customer Parking Experience

Autopay has been redefining the customer parking experience since its inception as an independent software company in 2013. Our strategic commitment to technological innovation, particularly in Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, and our focus on removing barriers and hassle from the parking experience, has significantly contributed to our growth in the Nordic markets. Autopay also stands out with our system’s seamless EV-charging solutions. In addition, our flexible payment options ensure easy payment tailored to the customers' needs.

Our emphasis on customer-centric, technologically advanced solutions is evident in our automated barrier-free entry and exit system. Our solutions also provide seamless customer experience through the Autopay app, which is a significant time saver for the users. Autopay’s solutions minimize manual intervention for operators, positioning your business as a leader in innovative parking solutions.

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A free flow parking experience at Oslo Airport

At Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL), our system goes beyond managing extensive parking operations; we enhance the experience for travelers, staff and operators alike with our future-proof technology.

Replacing barriers with free flow ANPR technology, our comprehensive system smoothly operates across various parking aspects, including short- and long-term parking, drop-off zones, and valet services. In total our system encompasses over 20 parking zones and 23,000 parking spaces. Additionally, we offer designated pre-booking areas. In these spaces we maintain barriers to ensure availability for customers with advanced bookings.

OSL set the goal of becoming the most technological airport parking operation in the world. By implementing Autopay they are about to achieve just that.” **Mikkel Neple, Commercial Director at Autopay **

This shift from physical to digital management has resulted in smarter data-driven decisions, as well as reduced service costs with fewer employees on site.

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Mobility Platform: Pioneering Integrated Urban Transportation

Our Mobility Platform transcends traditional parking solutions, ushering in a new era of integrated and connected urban transportation. This not only streamlines parking operations, but also merges parking, charging, and payment into a unified experience.

Beyond parking and charging, our platform’s expansive API library also allows for integration of external services. This versatility addresses a wide range of urban needs. It manages everything from employee parking assignments to toll roads, delivery zones, environmental conservation areas, and fleet management.

This positions Autopay as a comprehensive solution for urban mobility ecosystems of all sizes, moving past the limitations of traditional siloed systems.

Autopay Mobility Platform: Let us introduce you to the next era of connected mobility.

The optimal solution for large scale operations

Appreciating the challenges of scaling operations efficiently, Autopay offers a system that integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure, ensuring low initial setup costs and adaptability. Our future-proof technology, embracing AI and ANPR, prepares your business to leverage emerging trends in the parking and mobility sector. This enables streamlined parking management and new business expansion opportunities, including EV charging and car-sharing services. All management is consolidated into a single cloud-based platform, further simplifying scaling for operators with several locations.

Key benefits of the Autopay system

  • Cost-effective: Our system minimizes initial investment by seamless integration with existing infrastructure. Its efficient operation also reduces ongoing costs, further ensuring a high return on investment.
  • Scalable: Designed for growth, our platform is easily scalable whether you’re managing a single large facility or a network of parking locations, without significant additional investment.
  • Flexible: We adapt to fit various operational and legal environments, making our system suitable for diverse geographic locations and business models. This adaptability allows our system to be tailored to meet your specific parking operations needs.
  • Future-proof: By embracing cutting-edge technologies like AI and ANPR, Autopay stays ahead. We are ready to adapt to future developments in the parking and mobility industry, ensuring long-term relevance and utility.
  • Business Expansion Opportunities: Beyond enhancing parking management, our platform creates opportunities for additional revenue streams, such as integrating EV charging, fleet management services and enabling operators to expand their business offerings.

About Autopay Technologies

Autopay LogoAutopay Technologies is transforming the parking industry by developing the world's leading parking management system for parking operators and landowners while also offering a top-tier mobility business platform. We are the leading provider of barrier-free parking solutions in the Nordics.

By choosing Autopay, you are choosing a future of endless possibilities and innovations. Our community of Autopay Operators are not just clients; they are pioneers in the digital revolution of parking. Feel free to reach out, ask questions, or start a conversation.


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