Ballast Nedam Parking Shares 2019’s Construction Trends on Parking Talks

Frenk Prins, Commercial Manager of Ballast Nedam Parking

During our latest Parking Talks, we heard from experts in turnkey parking solutions, market leaders in safety barriers and liquid waterproofing specialists on the topic of construction. We learned how companies work together to build and renovate parking facilities and what trends we will see in the next few years.

Here, Frenk Prins, Commercial Manager of Ballast Nedam Parking, shares his thoughts on parking garage construction and upcoming trends.

What Does Ballast Nedam Parking Do and What is Your Impact on the Industry?

We are a construction company from the Netherlands, we are specialists in building multistorey car parks. Because of capacity rises and the demand for parking spaces in the market, the demand for construction is growing rapidly. We can build very quickly with our system, much quicker than the conventional way of building, for example, with concrete constructions. The quickness of building is what we bring to the market, and this, in turn, has a good impact on the market.

How Does Your Product and the Way You Work Ensure a Quick and Seamless Construction?

Well, we have a modular system and the steel frame and concrete slabs are quick to construct. We also work closely with supply chain management, and we recognize that the customer is also a valuable part of this chain. So we are very close to our clients, and together we share the philosophy to help the end customer, that is, the people who will use the parking garage, to offer them the best customer journey.

What Construction Trends Do You Expect to See Over the Course of the Year?

Parking garage with bus parked outside surrounded by forest and fields

It is likely that we will see a lot of sustainable requests, such as green facades, solar panels on the rooftops and EV charging. People are asking what they should invest in, how many EV chargers they might need for example. And there are also questions being raised about what the autonomous car will do to the future of parking.

At Ballast Nedam we are trying to prepare our system as much as possible towards this. We have talked with a lot of other suppliers in the market who can add functionality to our system so that it is sustainable and it can be used for a long period. Also, we have a system where you can, after 10 or 15 years, dismantle it and rebuild it somewhere else. This means that investors do not lose money on the investment.

For more insights from Frenk, and to see what Triflex and projekt w think about car park construction and renovation, you can watch the video in full:

About Ballast Nedam Parking

Ballast Nedam Parking is a fully owned operating company of the Dutch Civil Engineering and Ballast Nedam ParkingGeneral Building Contractor Ballast Nedam N.V., a renowned Dutch listed company, offering an extensive package of construction-related products and services. The company, established in 1877, ranks among the top-five Dutch construction groups. Ballast Nedam aims to set itself apart by undertaking high-profile construction projects, based on a high degree of knowledge and expertise. At all levels in the organization, commitment, quality, expertise, reliability, and flexibility vis-a-vis the client are the key.


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